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From the Auburn Six to the flashy 851 Speedster, Auburn automobiles demonstrated that an independant automobile company could attract the attention of a nation. Auburns provided better styling and performance for the money than any other company.

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Re: Auburn 680- Sleeve Inside Thro ...
by auburnandyscar
14 Feb 2020 17:10

CORD 810/812 1902 topics

2011 is the 75th Anniversary of the Cord 810 and is the Year of the Cord 810. The new Cord 810 hit the 1936 automotive scene like a thunderbolt. Suddenly, every other car was obsolete when compared to Gordon Buehrig's sleek and radical new design.

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Re: Phaeton Top Material
by wynlaidig
17 Feb 2020 02:43

CORD L-29 170 topics

Built in a flamboyant era of opulence, the Cord L-29 bears a striking resemblance to the Duesenberg. It boasts a number of "firsts" in American car design including the first production front-wheel drive, and an X-braced frame.

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Re: L-29 Cord Fabric Tire Covers - ...
by mikespeed35
02 Feb 2020 06:23

DUESENBERG 545 topics

The world's most collectable automobile! A Duesenberg will go 90 mph in second gear and they have a 3-speed transmission! A favorite of the Hollywood crowd, they were owned by the likes of Clark Gable and Gary Cooper.

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In search of specific original ...
by Josh Noiles
07 Feb 2020 20:51
This is the forum for the Glenn Pray 8/10's cars and well as replica Auburns and Duesenbergs.

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Re: 1936 Auburn 852 Speedster 6 or ...
by mikespeed35
12 Dec 2019 04:39

HISTORY & LORE 93 topics

As time goes on, it gets harder to separate Fact from Fiction. In this Forum, some of the foremost authorities on ACD cars will answer your questions about E.L. Cord and his cars.

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Re: Re-Dedication and Recognition ...
by jivanty
21 Jul 2019 22:23
Share your thoughts and experiences with ACD cars on the road ... now and yesterday.

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36/37 Cord Phaeton at Penn Sta ...
by john mccall
13 Dec 2019 03:12
Can't figure out which Forum to post your message in? This is the place! Unless your message is specific to one of the car models above, post your messages here.

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Re: Road Tour 2021?
by Tim Gilmartin
15 Feb 2020 20:42
Think of this as MyGarageSpace! This is a special forum for our younger members to discuss everything about Auburns Cords and Duesenbergs! Find out about upcoming events and special activities.

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Re: Duesy Notes, Jr.
31 Dec 2019 18:08


Show off your car here! If you have an Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, or anything that you think will be of interest to others, post an image in here.

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Re: Factory Photos
by 1748 S
24 Jan 2020 21:38
Video Interviews with ACD Members. Relive the early days of the ACD Club, as the Old Guard tell their tales.

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by Picture Gallery
03 Nov 2008 06:16
This forum is for Meets and Events that are not ACD specific. Please delete your post when the date has passed.

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ACD KooKs Meet April 18 & 19 2 ...
by Sheldon
08 Feb 2020 18:37
Our forum and ACD Club Members offer tips on various restoration techniques. Why reinvent the wheel? Do it right the first time by learning from others' mistakes.

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Re: 812 Fuel Gage
by 1748 S
09 Jan 2020 16:19
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