Hub/Brake Drum removal

03 Jul 2009 18:01 #13923 by Mike Dube
Mike Dube replied the topic:
For what its worth, I have also had very good luck with a Posilock as Mike Huffman mentioned. I thread the nut back on loosely to catch the drum when it lets go. The center of Posilock I bought just fits inside the nut.

The first time I used it, the first drum I tried remained stubborn. Discouraged, I went into the house to get away from it for a while. I had left everything with torque on it and came back an hour later to find the hub had come loose. Thank goodness I had had the nut threaded on a bit!
I have since discovered it sounds like a gun when it finally goes. Be careful!


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10 Sep 2014 04:07 #28153 by Auburn
Auburn replied the topic: Found a perfect puller for those Auburn drums & axle pin
Hi Guys - I am bringing this old subject back as I found a great puller which allowed me to pop the rear drum of my 1932 Auburn in literally 10 seconds - without having to use a hammer or air compressor.

A bit of a background here, I did try various smaller pullers with my impact wrench with no results other than getting the puller bent.

I also tried the advice of driving on bumpy roads, in circles, braking hard in reverse etc.. with the nut loosely on - to no avail.

Eventually got tired of this and ordered the "Extreme Heavy Duty Hydraulic puller" off ebay..costs about $185.

The tool arrived yesterday and yes , this is the mother of all pullers in terms of extreme heavy-dutyiness ,weight..and design.
There are other hydraulic pullers out there but significantly more expensive.

Spent 10 minutes putting it together and found out that the arms are too long for the job, so I had to find a custom spacer - just a thick steel cylinder - to add length between the puller moveable tip and the hub .

The cone at the tip can be unscrewed so various type spacers may be used.

The tool has a large handle (not in the photo), so you give it a succession of rapid, large pumps and in 10 seconds the drum pops - Remember to leave the wheel nut loosely on at the end of the thread.

I found that a rapid increase of pressure works much better than a slow loading to pop the drums out.

The arms and the end hook part are quite large so it hooks on the inner surface part of the drum lip and won't bend the edge.

This would also be perfect to remove those tighly keyed Auburn rear axle pinion flange.
I did wrestle with mine earlier this year and had to resort to cutting it out and re-manufature a new one.

ebay search under:


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10 Sep 2014 04:21 #28154 by Auburn
Auburn replied the topic:

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10 Sep 2014 10:04 #28156 by Tom_Parkinson
Tom_Parkinson replied the topic:

Sometimes you just need a push and a shove--12-tons worth! Great looking tool!


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