New to ACD Club Chassis 1902 A

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03 Sep 2007 21:51 #7922 by oldbanger71
New to ACD Club Chassis 1902 A was created by oldbanger71
:) Hello, I'm new to the ACD Club and intending to buy a Cord 810 Westchester 1936 which didn't move for the last 15-20 years but was dry stored. The seats look very rough and some dash-parts are lost like the horn-ring and stearingwheelcover and chrome-strip to instrumentpannel.
The body it self looks quiet straight no rust, but mechanics have to be overhauled. Can you give me tips on what to look for and where i can obtain mechanical and interior parts ? Chassis is 1902 A

Thank you very much for your help and tips in advanced, best regards Oldbanger71

/Users/philipp/iPhoto Library/2007/09/01/Photo Cord en 1996 low res.jpg

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04 Sep 2007 14:31 #7927 by Wes Trail
Replied by Wes Trail on topic New to ACD Club Chassis 1902 A

Sorry I can't help much with the Cord parts and restoration tips much other than be patient, everything will come together eventually.

A tip for uploading images:
Your picture needs to be on the Internet, so you either need to put it on the web in some way.
You can do this in several ways, but the most popular and easy is to put it on a free image hosting site like [url=]photobucket[/url:1n4k3h68], [url=]dropshots[/url:1n4k3h68], [url=]fotki[/url:1n4k3h68], etc. Most of them are free (you can [url=]google search[/url:1n4k3h68] free image hosting to find one.)
All you have to do then is to view the image you uploaded on that site and copy it's location here and put it inside the Img tags (you click the button before and after the location of the picture. It should look like this.

(img)http://location.of.your.picture.jpg(/img) -- except parenthesis should be brackets

If you hit the preview button, the image should show up, otherwise it isn't right. Some of the picture hosting sites have specific ways to share the pictures, so be careful.

Hopefully you can get the picture up as there are many individuals here that can tell you very much about the car just by seeing the pictures.

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