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23 Mar 2020 06:00 #39806 by mikespeed35
ACD Forum was created by mikespeed35
I would like to thank all of you who take part in the ACD Website and have not switched over to Facebook as seems to be the suggestion.

Mike Huffman
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23 Mar 2020 13:48 #39808 by 1748 S
Replied by 1748 S on topic ACD Forum
Sadl Mike I felt forced to use the FB site. There is too few members using this web site. Getting answers to questions will take me to the end of the earth. Our club has some great information but getting it out there where it can do someone good seems to be an issue. I recall the trouble my father had way back in 1961 looking go parts or information rebuilding the Cord engine. He told me they used the covers from the Yellow pages to make gaskets. When I took apart my engine I found those home made gaskets. In 1975 when I took ownership of this car I had a telephone on the deask and two people to call for parts or information. Stan or Henry. The club was not very helpful because I did not know anyone or have a directory. Things changed very little when I joined to club in about 1976. I needed a part and found a person thru the want adds in the Los Angeles Times not far from me. I called and he had the part. He asked if I had any spare parts or had a heater. Told him my car had the heater but I have no spare parts.He said we could trade parts. My heater for his steering column hand shifter. I said no but would give him $100.00 for what he had...Well that flew like a lead balloon. In less than a minute I gave him my final offer of $300.00 which was three times the value. He said money will do you no good. Our car wont drive down the road and his car wont be judged high without my heater. We can't do business..... I still have this advertisement and phone number. Most of all I remember what this person did to me. Keeping something or not telling someone how to find or d something is contrary to me. When I start a repair I take pics and post them for EVERYONE to see and enjoy. I want to share everything I see, find and know. Sadly sometimes money can't buy whats no longer available. Several club members have "opened" small businesses where they specialize in rebuilding to making new parts. Without them many cars will be sitting in collections not drive-able.

Gary Parsons

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25 Mar 2020 01:29 #39825 by Joel
Replied by Joel on topic ACD Forum
I like this message board, and message boards in general far better than FB. Message boards are focused, and if there is enough activity, you can get what you came for. On FB (not necessarily on the ACD pages) people tend to say whatever pops into their head, regardless of if it is appropriate or known to be accurate. And the whole website is designed to distract you and suck you in for hours with the alluring links to everything that it knows you will click on. I was laid up for a couple months from surgery this winter, and got in the habit of surfing the web to pass time. FB sucked me in, and once I was up on my two feet again, I didn't want to let go. But I went cold turkey on it 4 weeks ago, and I don't miss it, and my mind is more clear without all the fb nonsense crowding my brain.

Joel Nystrom
1929 Duesenberg Model J Murphy Convertible Coupe
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25 Mar 2020 19:11 #39839 by johnmereness
Replied by johnmereness on topic ACD Forum
I do not mind either, but I think the Facebook site is more social and ..., while this forum should be more historical and engineering based (ie you really cannot index Facebook to use it as a research tool to the level many need).

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