New SPRINGS & WIREFORMS of all types.

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17 Jul 2015 00:29 #29913 by John Baeke
John Baeke created the topic: New SPRINGS & WIREFORMS of all types.

ACD and Collector Car Owners:

Not long ago, I was needing springs for the dash control levers on my Sportsman. Finding n.o.s. was impossible. What I discovered was that when it comes to springs, finding a spring with ALMOST the correct factory specifications won’t work. There is a reason we see all those drooping CORD dash levers on the show field. Buying a spring with NEARLY the proper dimensions is a waste of money.

So, I went in search of the exact spring. To my disappointment, catalog companies simply don’t have springs to the precise factory specs. Most automotive springs today are made in China; and asking the Chinese factories to make custom springs forces you to buy in huge quantities ($$$).

Then I located a small privately owned company in the USA, which still makes small runs of springs and wireforms to your custom specifications… still using the original equipment from before the War! So I traveled to spend a day with these guys watching how the old machines work. Cool stuff. Truly a time-warp.

So a year back, you may recall I had this same company make for me a batch of CORD dash springs. I installed them. They worked perfectly. Next I advertised the rest of these dash springs in the NL, and sold out.

More recently, I decided I would expand things, and ordered from them a batch of the following CORD springs, which I now have in inventory ready to ship.

So, I can now have made any wire Compression, Extension, Barrel, Tapered and Torsion spring within the specifications below.

Further, this company makes wireforms to customer specifications too.

Turn around time is about 3 weeks from receipt of your order.

I can provide written price quotes, but require sample product in-hand OR written specifications.

Original samples returned.

All products made in the U.S.A., and SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.


Compression, Extension, Barrel & Tapered Springs.
Wire diameters: .010 to .187”. Outside diameter .062 to 3.125”.

Torsion Springs
Wire diameter .028 to .148”.

Up to .250” wire diameter

Cold-rolled, annealed, spring steel, music wire, aluminum, brass and bronze.

Inquiries for any other springs/wireforms for other make/model vehicles invited:

Dr. John Baeke
ph: 913-406-2262

<strong>Presently IN-STOCK for 810 / 812 CORD.</strong>

C-101 CORD dash control levers (set of 6) $20
C-102 CORD hand brake release $8
C-103 CORD cowl vents, early (mostly 810) (set of 2) $20
C-104 CORD cowl vent, late (mostly 812) (set of 2) $20
C-105 CORD hood prop hyper-extension $15
C-106 CORD accelerator (J10216) $15
C-107 CORD clutch (C10429/10439) $20
C-108 CORD headlamp (R&L) stops (K10539) (set of 6) $24

(prices excl s/h)

John Baeke

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22 Aug 2015 10:20 #30120 by Taidef1972
Taidef1972 replied the topic: Re: New SPRINGS &amp; WIREFORMS of all types.
Amazing post here. I am really surprised to see the post with such complete details. Thanks

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26 Aug 2015 04:14 #30148 by 1748 S
1748 S replied the topic: Re: New SPRINGS &amp; WIREFORMS of all types.
I purchased nearly every spring offered for the 812 Cords. I have sealed beam headlights so I did not purchase those. I do have new re silvered reflectors so I may eventually purchase the correct lens and then the springs... Am very satisfied with the quality too.

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