Theory/Practice of Garage Organization: Delayed maintenance

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27 Jun 2003 04:18 #419 by Dutch Jacobs
Dutch Jacobs created the topic: Theory/Practice of Garage Organization: Delayed maintenance
We all have times when something cuts under what we plan to do, or when we really want to fix something there are reasons we cannot do it yet.

The parts either cannot be found, or we must save for them, or perhaps we cannot find a practitioner of the arts required to reproduce something.
My experience has shown me that this is an excellent time to leave our favorite car at home - but I know as well (speaking for myself) that there will be times I might believe I can go one more mile before putting my "baby" up on blocks (so to speak).

- Let's face it, we love our cars and want to drive them as much as possible!

So there is plenty of opportunity for "Miscarriages of Automotive Prudence" to come into play...

Case in point:

Case number: 1984JAN07

I don't know why we were on the road in the Oldsmobile that day...

It was a 1957 Olds 88 four door, and normally my Dad used it to pull his old box trailer to the dump (He never had any faith in the local trash collection company, and hated paying for it even worse. So he took care of it (like many other things) in the "old way").

But there we were on Telegraph Canyon Road in San Diego, tooling along in a blast from the past and really having a great time to tell the truth. The car had a dash panel built like a Wurlitzer Juke Box, and four hundred cubic inches of american iron pumping away under the hood. The day was bright and sunny - not a cloud in the sky! We had found an old fifties channel on the old AM radio in the dash, and life was very good...

Poppa and me were talking and just riding along, we took a left up a hill to climb over into Bonita and had just passed the crest of the hill when something unexpected happened...

The Oldmobile Four Hundred "Rocket Engine" chugged a few times, and then it became very (uncharacteristically) quiet...

WE looked at eachother, the old and the young, with the same exact expression -

"OH SH**!!!"

"What the hell?" I asked.

"We're outta gas! Stupid d****d guage, I had it fixed!!! SUNNABBAB**********(etc)...

Before us extended a very long hill, it curved away to the left, and back to the right as we coasted along. We started out at about 45 miles per hour, and the car did have manual steering - so that was alright. But I began to imagine one heck of a long walk home... (We lived in Lemon Grove, roughly. About twenty miles)

Nothing stopped that car...

My Pop let it get up to ten over the speed limit when the slope allowed, and we positively crawled at some parts...

Two miles went by, then three... I stared at the odometer in shear disbelief...

Eventually we came to what looked like an intersection with a light, but traffic was backed up. The light changed at the last minute, and providentially there was a gas station at that particular corner!

We ghosted up to directly in front of one of the pumps, and just STOPPED...

And we stared at eachother....

TO this day, I will never forget my father pounding on the steering wheel and laughing, as I got out to pump the gas!!!!

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27 Jun 2003 04:31 #420 by Bill Hummel
Bill Hummel replied the topic: Out of Gas
I had a simliar experience with my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was on LBJ freeway in Dallas in the FAST lane when my engine quit. I managed to change lanes, get off the freeway, go UP a long incline and then barely ooze over the top to start a long downward slope to a gas station. I figure I went 1/3 mile with no power anything until I just coasted up to the gas pump.

It just seemed like 20 miles....

I fill my Cord 810 up every 100 miles. I really don't need to anymore since my new gas gauge works quite well. I suppose I will have to test the limit one time to see how close empty really is ...

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