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Is this picture of CLARK GABLE of him with his Model SJ?

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24 Oct 2005 02:11 #3807 by Clipper965
This picture was being advertised on Ebay as having been shot by fan in the 30's ... otohosting

Looks to me like:

Look at the shape of the top and rear window!

What do you all think?


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05 Nov 2005 01:26 #3878 by Steve Derus
My guess would be no, that is not his Duesenberg. I think that the window opening on the convertible top on the Duesey has more of a rounded contour, while the car in the ebay photo seems to have an angular look rather than contoured. Another clue is that the Duesey has rather prominent door hinges for the suicide doors, and I do not see those hinges in the ebay photo. I would guess the ebay photo is of a later model car, like a late 1930's Cad maybe?

Cool photo nonetheless.

Steve Derus

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