Transmission Pressure Gauge

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30 Aug 2004 23:36 #2151 by Bill McLaughlin
Bill McLaughlin created the topic: Transmission Pressure Gauge
Hello all:

If you install a transmission pressure gauge, what level of pressure should you expect ?

Bill McLaughlin
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31 Aug 2004 01:07 #2152 by Josh Malks
Josh Malks replied the topic:
J.K. Howell, who has forgotten more about Cords than most of us ever knew, once told me that ANY pressure is sufficient.

The original design called for all the moving parts of the transmission to be immersed in lube. So they put 7 or 8 quarts in. The high heat generated by all that sloshing burned up the lube. They gradually reduced the quantity until they found a level that protected the lubricant. On the shakedown run to LA and back, they discovered that the upper bushings, now high and dry, would only last about 4,000 miles at high speed. So they added the pump to be sure that lube was always being squirted into those bushings.

But a tranny isn't an engine. The bushings are subject only to rotary motion, not to the pounding of a reciprocating engine. The original pump puts about about 10 psi with the lube hot. That should be enough.

Just my opinion.

Josh B. Malks
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