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Stromberg Economizer

  • balinwire
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26 Jun 2003 00:46 #413 by balinwire
Stromberg Economizer was created by balinwire
Reading the original carburetor factory spec sheet <Cord complete service instructions and specifications handbook> I notice on page 5+6 that the 810 and the 812 they shared the same size main metering jet.

I have a Cadillac 8cyl ee-16 carb. I was told would work on the model 812 and it does fit. I was wondering if it also shared the .050 jets the Cord ee-15 has. Will it run smoothly?

I also notice that it lacks the vacuum piston choke as the Cord EE-15. The parts EE-14 I have has this pump inside the center aluminum body. This must also be a fast idle unit?

I do not have a EE-15 to compare so I really am just going by the few scanned sketches I have. All these automatic choke schemes like the electric heated choke and the manifold heater to coil on the EE-14 seem like they would be defeated with a good mechanical choke cable, as I believe many buyers preferred .

After installing the EE-16 and running a mechanical choke cable I realized the lack of a vacuum piston pump in this body. I guess it doesn?t matter as this is not a completely original setup but as close as I can get right now. I may work on the EE-14 that has the internal pump and see if it more closely duplicates the original EE-15.

Will these choke, fast idle pistons leak or give any trouble? They seem like they might stick or otherwise give additional problems.

On the topic of carburation did the factory ever set up a dual carb intake manifold? Would it up lower end power ? The turbo job would power in at high rpms. The imagined dual carb setup would have a progressive linkage as many of the autos of the fiftys.

Would this just flood the engine? Maybe they felt that the drive unit mainshaft could only handle so much horsepower. Maybe a dual Stromberg was a big carb in 1935 as most cars had very small single barrels.

In all there are a lot of settings such as float,choke and throttle positions. On page 8 it also states the EE-15 on the LaSalle has a vacuum spark control, was this on the Cord E-15?

Also how does the "Economizer" by-pass valve work?

Many gracious thanks, balinwire

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  • Auburn/Cord Parts
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27 Jun 2003 19:54 #421 by Auburn/Cord Parts
Replied by Auburn/Cord Parts on topic Stromberg Economizer
The Stromberg EE16 or EE14 will work on the Cord Std. engine ok as long as the jets are the same size. A manual choke is preferred as the Cord intake manifold heats up very slowly. Of course it's not authentic, but perfect for a driver. The internal choke air bypass valve was a short lived concept until air conditioned cars in the 1960's.

No, there was never a factory or aftermarket dual carb setup. The "Economizer" bypass valve opens when the accelerator pump bottoms out on the push pin valve in this part. It should only do this during quick acceleration or high speed driving to give the engine extra fuel. You can see what happens if it leaks.


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