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29 Oct 2018 02:38 - 29 Oct 2018 13:45 #35847 by 1748 S
Disgusted... was created by 1748 S
So many times I have selected a post to respond to. I put the courser on the correct but hard to see area and begin composing my message. I'm not good on the computer or keyboard. I watch the keyboard. Then I look up and NOTHING has printed in the field. I'm not even on the same post. This rant never gets responded to either. My suggestion is to CHANGE with the times or lose out. Why not stop the mail news letters and make EVERYTHING online.... It will save bundles of money. I realize some long time members do not use the internet or have a computer. To that I say I'm profoundly sorry.

Gary Parsons
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29 Oct 2018 13:23 #35850 by pete kelly
Replied by pete kelly on topic Disgusted...
Hi Gary
I think you are disgusted;
You must left click the mouse under message before typing.
On a more positive note I am able to see all 4 lines of this reply so someone IS paying attention.

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29 Oct 2018 13:47 #35851 by Joe Holderman
Replied by Joe Holderman on topic Disgusted...
Sorry about the problems, Gary!
As a Moderator, I just work with what we got...I don't have any contribution to what we got. :)
I am able to correct spelling and delete spam. :side:

Future Cord owner.

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29 Oct 2018 13:52 #35852 by JIM.OBRIEN
Replied by JIM.OBRIEN on topic Disgusted...
Gary, it sounds like you need to need to learn how to use the forums and computer. While I agree this program can use some improvements it does work. Instead of making blanket statements try listing specific bugs, with details and suggested improvements.

The bigger problem is the crap that gets posted on here that adds NO value to anyone or people posting incorrect information.

The Newsletter gives the Club the ability to review the information before it gets published and weed out incorrect information. Also many of the people who do not use the computer are some of our older members who have a considerable history and knowledge of the cars. If we stop publishing the Newsletter we will most likely loose this resource since the Newsletter is their link to the Club.

Remember this Club is completely run by volunteers. All of the Board of Directors, Historians, Technicians, Meet Chairmen, and everyone else involved have family, jobs and other life demands. There are a lot fewer people volunteering to help these days so the people that are helping out are doing more. As a result things can take longer to get done or have to be prioritized.

If anyone wants to PM me specific problems with the website, suggested improvements I will compile them and forward them to the correct people to see if they can correct the issues and improve the site.
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