Dick Shappy's 1934 Duesenberg Model J

22 Nov 2004 00:11 #2501 by dshap
dshap created the topic: Dick Shappy's 1934 Duesenberg Model J
I am very happy to report the acquisition of that proverbial "barn fresh" Duesenberg that every collector dreams of finding.

In mid August, I learned that there was a Duesenberg that had not seen the light of day in over fifty years that was going to be available for sale. I have been a very active collector and restorer for over thirty five years and have heard similar stories many times before but figured that I should at least check it out because the source seemed to be reliable. I conferred with several club members who knew of the cars' existence but did not know that the car was now available for sale. After speaking to them, I also knew that the car was not going to be available for long and I would have to act fast.

I talked it over with my wife and was encouraged by her to "go for it" because she knew how much I have always wanted to own a Duesenberg and the opportunity might not ever be there again. The broker that was handling the sale of the car was happy to learn that I was very interested and offered to take me to see the car right away.

After a drive of just over an hour from Providence, we came upon a three level brick building which previously had been the carriage house of a large estate overlooking the city of Boston. One could hardly call it a barn but ....... After meeting the very nice elderly lady who owned the car, she told me that she and her husband bought the car in Chicago in 1941 and now that her husband had passed away, it was time to sell it. After more chatting and looking at the many photos she and her family had taken through the years, she brought me to see the car where it had been parked in the same spot since 1952.................

1934 J-505 Derham convertible sedan now resides in my garage where she is now getting lots of tender loving care. I am very happy !!!!

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24 Nov 2004 17:42 #2511 by DJT
DJT replied the topic:
I be more than happy to let it be parked in my garage.... :D


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25 Nov 2004 01:34 #2515 by cbs
cbs replied the topic:
Great story! This is the 2nd long-stored Duesenberg from Chicago story this month; Check out Jay Leno's Model X Locke Sedan story at:


His tires aren't quite as good as yours though. Congratulations on the fine automobile.

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25 Nov 2004 04:53 #2516 by Bill Hummel
Bill Hummel replied the topic: Duesenberg
Great looking car! I am expecting a drive around the block at a future Auburn Meet. Even better, bring it down to the Texas Meet this April.

I am predicting there will be a number of Duesenbergs at the meet... :D

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