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31 Mar 2004 23:11 #1511 by K Clark
K Clark created the topic: Cord Crest
To whom can answer:
I should have made sure I knew what the Cord Crest stands for, But I do not, I'm sure I have heard someone explain its meaning. I have been asked a few times, and do not like to say I don't know.
Well anyway I'm asking if anyone out there would be willing to share that information with me and who ever else reads this forum.
Thanks Ken Clark

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02 Apr 2004 15:44 #1521 by Auburn/Cord Parts
Auburn/Cord Parts replied the topic: RE: Cord Crest

From previous research, the Cord crest was first registered in the United States in July 1929. In Europe, the Cord name relates to McCord in genealogy. It may have been used commercially rather than for family origin (automobile nameplate). References to the meaning of the background refer to "brave heart" or "true to the heart". I'm sure those who study these shields and crests can explain the meaning of the colors and symbols much better. I'm strickly an amature genealogists!


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05 Apr 2004 02:19 #1538 by Ric Simpson
Ric Simpson replied the topic: CORD Crest
I too have always wondered about the crest! I am especially intrigued with the similarity to the crest on Lee & Perrins steak sauce! I was introduced to a member of the L&P family but they were unable to shed any light on the subject.
I am also curious about the Cord front used in the set of the original production of Cats. It was painted on the stage and could only be seen well from above, like in the balcony. I saw the production close to 50 times, in London, Toronto, and Buffalo (where I assisted at the theatre for about 15 years) It was used in all productions. Ric.

Ric Simpson,
2001 Niagara Parkway,
Fort Erie, Ontario,
Canada. L2A 5M4

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