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08 Dec 2005 14:56 #4110 by sunroofcord
sunroofcord replied the topic: MODIFIED CARS
Even though I would never want to see a nice original or restored car modified, I do not have a problem with the modified cars and am attempting to put together a REGISTRY of the modified Auburns, Cords, Hollywood Grahams and Hupmobile Skylarks with eventual plans to produce a BOOK on the modified cars from the early days to the present time. So, if you know of any cars that were modified way back when and are being restored back to original (such as Bill Hummels), ones that are still modified, or any that are currently modified or being modified, please contact me at <a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url]

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09 Dec 2005 16:04 #4115 by Josh Malks
Josh Malks replied the topic:
Great idea, Jim. I'll contribute anything I come across. (Do include the red one with the turning fenders, and check out "Orchid" at the Guld site.)

Sure would be a fun book to read, but get ready for attacks by purists! While I do encourage the saving of every ACD possible, if all else fails I figure that better a rod than a lump of iron oxide blending into the mud.

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09 Dec 2005 18:10 #4117 by sunroofcord
sunroofcord replied the topic: CORD HOT RODS
Thanks for the encouragement Josh, I am familiar with the Orange Cord with the turning fenders built by Mike Norton of Evansville, Indiana and the Cord that the Guild of Classic Cars is building. Even though I don't dislike modified cars, I do not care for the Orange one and I'm not too sure what I think of the one the Guild built. A modified car to me has to still look like the way it came from the factory. If you want to see the ugliest modified Cord I have ever seen, go to click on kustoms and then click on Ugly Kustoms. This was a very poor customization of a beautiful design. Cords have been modified since they were new due to there complexity which wasn't understood as well back then as it is today. I can't believe how many Convertibles I have come across in recent years with Cadillac, Ford, Oldsmobile and Pontiac motors in them. These are Cords that had engine transplants back in the '40s or '50s. If one restores one of these Convertibles back to original, a sedan is usually involved for the original Cord parts and then someone get's the sedan and builds a modern modified car out of it. That seems to be the scenario as I see it anyways.

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12 Dec 2005 07:24 #4120 by RayCord
RayCord replied the topic: Cord Rods
Most of the Cords in this country (South Africa) were modified in the 40's,50's and 60's to keep them on the road. Due to the unavailability of spares and the passion of a few guys that were Cord fans, a few cars had their life extended through modification and they avoided being scrapped.
Many saloons were stripped to build up Sportsmans etc. My car is one of those - Just the body was left. I had no choice but to build it with a modern motor and rear-wheel drive.
Many street rods are built because the builders only have the bare basics. My 48 Chev Pick-up streetrod is also an example of this - I only had the cab and chassis to start with. Everything else is fabricated. Strangely it is about 5 times more valuable in its new guise than if it was a restored original.
I have sent you some Cord/Graham/Hupp StreetRod Pics.

Cords in South Africa - visit my website:

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