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11 Aug 2005 12:36 #3509 by Maurice Randall
Maurice Randall replied the topic:
I think everyone who drives these cars tends to drive them very carefully.

How often do you see one of these cars...
... racing around a corner?
... or tailgating another car on the freeway?
... or speeding excessively?
... or darting in and out of traffic?
... or involved in a road rage incident?

I'll bet many of you are careful when you approach a lawnmower that is cutting grass close to the roadway.

You all tend to be much more aware of your surroundings. You tend to be a much more careful and responsible driver.

The chance of getting hurt in one of these cars is very slim due to your driving style and awareness of your surroundings.

You stand a much better chance of getting hurt in your everyday back and forth to work vehicle with its ABS brakes, air bags, seat and shoulder belts. Why? Because you don't drive the car in the same manner as you do your A-C-D car.

Another problem you'll have is many of you who think you need seat belts in these cars will have to install them yourselves. Many auto repair shops won't want to do this for you. Think what will happen when someone gets hurt or killed in one of these cars that has had seat belts installed. The installer would get investigated in the liability case.

Did you mount the belt to a secure location near the frame structure in a manner that is safe? Or did you just drill a hole through the old floorboard? How about the angle of the belt mounting? And why didn't you also install a proper shoulder belt?

Will the mounting be able to contain a 300 lb human being getting slammed against it violently?

Silly lawyers would bring up the fact that there were no proper crash tests performed. The installer will be in trouble. Anyone care to donate their car for a test?

My vote is to just keep using your common sense when you drive your A-C-D car and don't butcher up the interior.


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11 Aug 2005 14:13 #3510 by Josh Malks
Josh Malks replied the topic:
With all the talk pf "butchery" no-one appears to have noted that all the classic car clubs --- CCCA and ACD included --- consider seat belts to be "invisible" when cars are being judged. Safety modifications ARE permitted, including belts, directional signals and outside mirrors.

Today's shoulder harness belts grew out of the lap belts of the 1950s, which were in use for decades before the inarguably safer shoulder harnesses replaced them. But they are hardy worthless.

Not all accidents are rollovers, or potentially fatal. Belts can keep you from getting painfully banged up by all those hard surfaces on your interior.

I agree that seat belts in an open, aluminum- and wood-bodied Duesenberg that rolled over would probably have been worse than useless. But if you own and DRIVE a steel-bodied ACD sedan belts could be worthwhile additions.

Josh B. Malks
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18 Aug 2005 13:17 #3559 by cbs
cbs replied the topic:
Think an abrupt front or frontal offset halt would be most likely scenario, and scene would be bad enough just realizing the scope of repairs without also worrying about the injuries you just incurred unnecessarily.

No doubt a Cord (or late Auburn?) closed body would be probably the safest. Removable belts & head restraints, column altered to allow collapse, fuel cell & system shutoff, airbag install front & side curtain, door beams & lock mods could all be made virtually invisible.

Somebody will do it, just a matter of who and when.

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  • valar2006
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22 Aug 2005 22:21 #3574 by valar2006

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