Cord 810 spring safety hangers

17 Jul 2003 00:06 #499 by Tom_Parkinson
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Ref: Safety Spring Retainers and Spring Bolts--

I have for decades cast a suspicious eye toward the two spring bolts that have been aging at least as fast as I have been. I vote (It's a landslide 1-0 election here) to replace them with modern equivalents or better. Here's the question--what spec should I try to meet for these two bolts? I see ranges of strength varying from chewing gum to Dilithium Crystals labeled as "aircraft grade." Anyone have a knowledgable strength number I should reach for? Note: originality is not an issue with my car.

As for the safety spring retainers, are they available, or does one make his own?



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See pix of 1509A here:

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18 Jul 2003 19:19 #509 by cbs
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Part #D11264A "Rod Assy, ft. spring, HD 3/4" dia. chrome moly steel; Heat Treated; w/nut" $25.40 ea. from 1988 Cort Parts catalogue (J.K.Howell, Lombard Ill.) who also had (in 1999) the insulator, cover, seat, washer, locator. Safety loops also in catalogue, although I got mine from:

Auburn Cord Parts, Wellington Kansas; Item#5010 1 Pair Front Spring Safety Hangers (1/2" rod) $62.00/pr. (1999 catalogue)

Original Cord part rod assy. was 1/2 " dia. bar stock at location of failure, slightly larger at lower half.

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23 Jul 2003 14:14 #520 by Auburn/Cord Parts
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Our front spring rods are like original (5/8" diameter) but are chrome vanadium steel. They are turned down for 9/16" threads. If they are installed properly and the spring travel is correct they'll work. If you do not have the rubber bumpers and the suspension arms move more than their designed arc, you'll bend and break any suspension built in time. We have all of the seats and rubber insulators.


Auburn/Cord Parts, Inc. P.O. Box 547 1400 N. "A" St. Wellington, KS 67152 (620) 326-7751 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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