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26 May 2003 13:48 #315 by Bill McLaughlin
Bill McLaughlin created the topic: Starting Problems
Relatively new 37 Westchester owner and have starting problems each time I go to start car. Problems are: starter slow to turn over when starter first starts to turn engine over (but after a few seconds starter will turn-over engine at appropriate speed). Also, when car is hot or when car has been stalled in gear starter doesn't want to turn engine over or will do it very grudgingly.

Have had starter rebuilt but wonder if problem could be in Startix unit. Are these rebuildable ? Does someone do it ? Any other suggestions ?

Thanks for help.


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28 May 2003 13:57 #319 by PushnFords
PushnFords replied the topic: Check the connections
I'd start by checking your battery and cables. I had problems with a '70 Ranchero cranking hard. Instead of cheap battery cables I custom made some out of 2 gauge welding cable. The welding cable has smaller wires in it than normal battery cable so it is more conductive and is still very flexible. I bought the cable off eBay but farm supply stores have it for around $1.50/foot. I got the copper lugs, heat shrink, and battery terminal ends from a auto parts store for under $20. You'll need a torch and good flux to solder the ends on but you'll have a great set of cables.

What type of battery are you using? I'd highly recommend a Optima type deep cycle battery. They aren't as high CCA as some parts store brands but they hold their charge for longer and they don't leak = no corrosion! A local sheetmetal shop should be able to make a good holddown for pretty cheap.

I don't have any experience with the Startix system. If yours is bad, Auburn Cord Parts used to make new units that are similar. I'd check with them.


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28 May 2003 13:59 #320 by Josh Malks
Josh Malks replied the topic:
Some suggestions that work for me:
1. You say you had the starter rebuilt. I trust that included new bushings.
2. It would have been good to have "hi-torque" field windings installed. Essentially, these are wound for 5 volts, so starter turns faster.
3. Be sure that your main battery cable is no smaller than 00 in size. Use welding cable rather than auto battery cable. Same capacity, more strands so more flexible. (Never use bolt-on terminals --- be sure they are crimped on by a pro with a big crimping tool that mashes the terminal and cable into a single unit.)
4. Run a 00 cable from the ground terminal on the battery directly to one of the bolts that holds the starter on.
5. Use an Optima battery.
6. Unless you're showing the car, install 6-volt alternator to replace the original generator. (You'll have to change the car to negative ground, but that's very easy.)

Josh B. Malks
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Check out CORD COMPLETE at

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28 May 2003 14:02 #321 by Auburn/Cord Parts
Auburn/Cord Parts replied the topic: Starting Problems
The starter could have the poltergiest living inside it. Most rebuilders don't get Autolite starters right the first time due to the 3 bushings.

Yes, the Startix could be sapping the current from the starter. All this stuff is 60 plus years old and resists being restored to working like new. I don't know anyone today who has parts for the Startix units anymore.

Of course, when stalled in gear, you have the friction fro the clutch to overcome. Most Cords turn over slowly when hot or cold!

Good grounds, 2/0 gauge battery cables, and a big battery all help to keep the Cord starting and shifting.


Auburn/Cord Parts, Inc. P.O. Box 547 1400 N. "A" St. Wellington, KS 67152 (620) 326-7751 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Joe Teitelbaum
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16 Dec 2003 17:34 #1120 by Joe Teitelbaum
Joe Teitelbaum replied the topic: Starting Problems [hard to crank}
After having the starter rebuilt several times by "expert" shops I finally tried myself. Found field coils grounded to housing. Was losing all the power to ground. I was able to buy new coils and replaced them. The biggest problem was getting the screws loose from the pole shoes that hold the coils to the housing. Also went over ALL the big cables from the battery to the starter. I am not using the Startix, I use the button for the oil level to start. I also went to an 8 volt battery and increased the voltage output of the generator by adjusting the voltage regulator. J/T

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22 Dec 2003 11:46 #1141 by Aris Loumidis
Aris Loumidis replied the topic:
Thanks to this great Forum, long-pending questions are automatically answered!

We used to have local companies making batteries here, but not any more ...... to find a good 6Volt one, is by now almost impossible.

I read that Optima, is the best choice, so i dug up a dealer in the U.K, hopefuly he can deliver here.

Which type and perhaps model would be the best to fit in the 810 Phaethon? (I'm using Stan's baterry box)

And to ALL, CORDial Merry X-mas from Athens!!!

Aris Loumidis
Athens, Greece
ACD Life Member
1936 CORD 810 Phaeton

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