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Oil weight

  • mikespeed35
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23 Oct 2019 04:28 #38669 by mikespeed35
Replied by mikespeed35 on topic Oil weight
If you call the oil manufacturer and ask about the amount of Zinc in there oil they will tell you in PPM. I have done this several times.

Mike Huffman
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23 Oct 2019 22:44 #38677 by rlwardne
Replied by rlwardne on topic Oil weight
The early oils were non detergent and the filtering system amounted to impurities settling to the bottom of the pan. Thats why the oil pans are pretty accessible as you were to drop them and clean them. 20 weight was recommended except in hotter climates.
ZDDP came about when valve spring pressures became much higher than what our cars came out with. The zinc additive lubes metal to metal contact surfaces due to the higher spring rates for more modern camshaft profiles and higher RPM's.
The question is do engines up to the late 40's and early 50's really need it? Most likely not. I imagine a lot of us use a detergent oil but one should clean the pan and check the inside of the motor for "gunk". If you have build ups I'd stay with non detergent until it cleans up, Change oil frequently and some Lucas additive, I am not aware of an non detergent that has zinc off the shelf.

I do use an oil with ZDDP, Brad Penn or Penn Grade 30 my Cord, Auburn and other classic and vintage cars. I think some of the Valvoline Racing oils do contain zinc again, back of the bottle usually says. Warmer climates 40wt and if you running in really cold temps 20wt.
The Lucas additive is great also, but not necessary if using an oil with it already in it.
I build flat tappet racing engines and Brad Penn has not let me down. Motors with high seat pressure and 8000 RPM.
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  • KimmelFab
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23 Oct 2019 23:19 - 23 Oct 2019 23:20 #38678 by KimmelFab
Replied by KimmelFab on topic Oil weight
I have a gasket set on order. I will be changing everything out after a good cleaning. Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!!
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24 Oct 2019 12:56 #38682 by C.R.D.
Replied by C.R.D. on topic Oil weight
As Randy mentioned earlier Auburn recommended 40 weight oil in the summer.
From the owner's manual;
"These recommendations come within the range of S.A.E. Viscosity Number 40 down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit , S.A.E. Viscosity Number 20 for 32 degrees Fahrenheit and lower."

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