Much Modified Stutz Two Passenger Torpedo

31 May 2010 00:43 #16944 by alsancle
alsancle replied the topic:
An interesting tidbit from the Wisconsin State Journal May 31st 1931. If I read this correctly, the back up driver from the Jones Special was planning on coming back to Indy with a DV32 Stutz.

Another interestins Indianapolis
entry will be the Stutz Bearcat
which will be as near stock as racing
rules and practice will permit.
The Stutz will have the new DV-32
engine, which takes its name from
the four valves per cylinder in the
eight-cylinder engine, The double
overhead chamshafts actuate the
valve mechanism that gives approximately
60 per cent increase in
volumetric efficiency and assures
better distribution of the gas to the
combustion chambers. Bert Dingley,
former champion racing driver
who now is production manager for
Stutz, is overseeing the building of
the racing car and L. L. Corum, who
I won the 1924 Indianapolis race and
is now a member of the experiment-
engineering staff for Stutz, will
! drive the car,

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31 May 2010 01:27 #16946 by alsancle
alsancle replied the topic:
A little further research revealed that L.L. Corum failed to qualifiy in his Stutz Bearcat. What is funny, is that the previous year's car was a mostly stock SV16 while this car was supposed to be a modified DV32.

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03 Oct 2010 04:55 #18117 by dryesandno
dryesandno replied the topic: 1930 stutz jones special
well boys.

a j alphonse, sure seems to have it right on this one.

nice work a.j.

if you look closely at the blackhawk link that he posted you will see the jones special as it is now and the way it was in street version back when tommy wolfe from california owned it.

you can see that tommy wolfe is listed as a previous owner.

the street version looks very close to the picture in the brockman collection. i think the brockman picture and those street pictures on the blackhawk site are the same car....hope you agree.

just to keep things on topic. here is a front view picture of it back in racing configuration in front of none other than......the ACD musuem. isn't that interesting eh.

so don't be saying that us boys in the forum here talking about this jones stutz are off topic. ha ha ha.

and another with the rear boattail view......just like the 35 auburn speedster.....well....sort of!!!!!

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03 Oct 2010 06:14 #18118 by dryesandno
dryesandno replied the topic: 1930 stuz jones special
i am taking the liberty of posting the two brockman pictures again so that we can have a closer look.

here is the first one i posted but in larger format. clearly the radiator shell on this car is much more rounded than on the current configuration of the stutz special. in fact it does not look to me like a stutz radiator shell at all...maybe from a mercedes or something.

but you would agree this picture and the one that a. j. alphonse posted are likely the same pictures? pretty interesting. i wonder how jim brockman came across this picture?

and here is another picture that i found in the brockman auburn collection on the third page, JBA 91

looks to me like the same car.....from a different angle.

now take a look at the link to the blackhawk collection in the above posts. unfortunately they are protected and i can't post them here.

but there are two more pictures of a smiliar car in that post. claimed to be the road version of the 1930 jones stutz special.

take a close look at the radiator. i would say the jones special either has a new radiator cover, different from our brockman car.

and what about their road version. the radiator looks more like the square one on the jones special than the one in these brockman photos. too bad they did'nt post a front shot of the car. but maybe this is why.....

what are your thoughts?

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03 Oct 2010 06:45 #18119 by dryesandno
dryesandno replied the topic: 1930 stutz jones special
now for one more bit of very interesting and timely information on this thread. take a close look at this link from the stutz club

click on the october 2010 newsletter when you get there......

and you will read all about the 1930 stutz milt jones special car #27 placing 10th in the 1930 indianapolis 500. one better placing than the 11th place finish of the original stutz that coined the phrase "The Car That Made Good in a Day".

continue to click on the pages and you will see some original pictures of the 1930 stutz jones special in original race configuration at the indianapolis speedway in 1930.

you will also learn of the unfortunate tragedy the following year where Jones was killed in a practice lap when preparing for the 1932 indianapolis 500 at the tender age of 37.

apparently all of his racing was funded from his own pocket......quite an accomplishment at that age in the depths of the depression.

interestingly, you will see a picture from the march 1973 article pg 13 from Cars and Parts where the car is apparently part of an advertisement for sale and is in configuration similar to Brockman pictures. owned apparently at that time by Dr. Art Burichter, Boca Raton Florida according to this article (interestingly he is not mentioned in the blackhawk write up as a previous owner).

Burichter's advertisment says the car has a DV32 engine in it. those of you who know about stutz know that the DV32 came out in 1931 and not 1930. and that it had four valves per cylinder.

further in the article it states that for 1930 the indianapolis race committee changed the rules to allow engines of up to 366 cubic inches and two valves per cylinder.

the article seems to indicate that the Jones Stutz special ran with an unmodified engine. if this is the case....then it had to have only two valves per cylinder to be in compliance with the rules of 1930.

the stutz SV 16 engine of 1930 was 322 cu inches with only two valves per cylinder. consequently, i think the advertisement is either wrong, in suggesting the car was a DV 32 or else we are looking at a different car in the road version pictures than the car which actually ran the indy 500 in 1930......

any thoughts?

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29 Oct 2010 03:14 #18278 by k8096
k8096 replied the topic:
I see something that merits further investigation. In the 1947 photo with the car painted white, there is a body moulding that goes across the top of the cowl. It's very obvious to see as it is painted the darker color. In the newer photos of the car, now painted black with red mouldings, it looks like that same moulding is not there going across the top of the cowl. If it were there, it would be painted red would it not? Even if that wind deflecter they installed covered most of it up, wouldn't we see some of it coming off the side of the body?

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