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Posting pictures

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03 Sep 2017 20:46 #33498 by xjn001
Posting pictures was created by xjn001
How can I post more than 8 photos on each topic in the picture gallery? I tried to put all the photos of Cord 810 812 together and only can put eight on each post. I would like to have one post for Cords one for Auburns and one forDuesenbergs --please help me--I might be doing something wrong:ohmy:

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04 Sep 2017 01:12 #33500 by Joe Holderman
Replied by Joe Holderman on topic Posting pictures
Seems like they could all be in the same thread, but you'd have to reply to your own post each time with 8 more pics, assuming you want to post the pictures as attachments.

Otherwise, you can use a photo hosting website (like photobucket) and then you can link as many pics as you want, I believe.

Future Cord owner.

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11 Sep 2017 17:45 #33541 by TroySherk
Replied by TroySherk on topic Posting pictures
One thing I ran into was that I was trying to embed photos from my Flickr account using BBCode, but I kept getting a "too many links!" message. I was able to post one embedded photo and one link. I understand this is probably due to spam posts, but perhaps there is a way to grant permissions for more links/embedded photos for forum users who have an account that is a certain age or has a certain number of posts, or is "verified" in some other way? I previously used Photobucket to link photos, but now those photos are broken because they want you to pay to for third-party hosting or something, and I've seen other forum posts here with broken photos too because of that problem. They seem to be an unreliable host. I couldn't even find anywhere in my Photobucket settings that told me if I had crossed a certain threshold of third-party hosting or what. Seems like they just broke on their own after a while.

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