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Flywheel torque specs

10 Nov 2018 17:30 #35933 by johnmereness
Replied by johnmereness on topic Flywheel torque specs
Take extra time to make sure it is all correct bolts, double check everything, and ... - I had to basically throw away what should have been a beautiful flywheel, clutch disk, and pressure plate that probably only had 10 to 15 minutes of driving on them because somehow junk hardware store bolts of wrong size got installed - unbelievable the damage to each in such a short period of time and just lucky that was extend of it :)

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10 Nov 2018 18:33 #35934 by 1748 S
Replied by 1748 S on topic Flywheel torque specs
In my restoration I have "found" so many bolt threads that are fine threads where in normal engines of today they are coarse threads. I too found this out the hard way when I tried to "clean up" so threads in the block mounting holes for the motor mount plates. Its like measure twice... Cut once...

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27 Apr 2019 20:13 - 27 Apr 2019 20:14 #37080 by jivanty
Replied by jivanty on topic Flywheel torque specs

mikespeed35 wrote: That's called torque till yield! I hang my head in shame, I have done that!

Mark, you will not find any torque specs for anything in the FileZilla UC Browser technical bulletins. Torque wrenches were not available until WWII
Last edit: 27 Apr 2019 20:14 by jivanty.

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