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10 Sep 2007 23:12 #8006 by Eldee
door handle installation problems was created by Eldee
I am trying to reinstall the door handles to my '36 Cord 810 but they won't stay in place. The clips on the escussions no longer spring back to hold the piece in place. Any tips on how to resolve this, or where I might be able to get replacement escussions would be greatly appreciated.

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11 Sep 2007 17:14 #8019 by Pat Leahy
Replied by Pat Leahy on topic door handle installation problems
I devised an easy method to fix these door handles some years ago. It was published a couple of years ago in our newsletter with an illustration. Here a quick summary of the fix:

1.) Go to local Chevrolet dealer and purchase a horseshoe style clip used to secure door lock cylinders in doors back then. Last time I got them they were lees than a dollar each.

2.) Remove the outside door handle and the inside door/window handles, as well as door panel.

3.) On the door handle barrel with the spring clips, cut a 1/8" groove on both side opposite of spring clip area about 1/2" long (don't cut too far to severe this barrel. The location along this barrel should be about 3/16" to 1/4" past (inside) the door edge. The handle handle can be installed from the outside, and you can reach inside the door and slide the clip into place. Because it is a spring steel item, it will hold the handle tight. I have done this to many used handles.

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