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Restoring license plates

06 Dec 2005 22:18 #4103 by balinwire
Replied by balinwire on topic Restoring license plates
john t-
At the beginning of the license plate thread you asked "how do you paint the letters without making a mess".
If a plate has a yellow background with black letter.
First you paint the plate completely black, let it dry completely, then completely repaint the plate yellow and while the yellow is still tacky, you use a thinner rag and wipe the yellow off the top of the raised digits revealing the black numbers and letters, the top layer of yellow becomes the background.
The waiting for the dry is time consuming, wait or the bottom layer will be removed also.

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  • cbs
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06 Dec 2005 23:35 #4105 by cbs
Replied by cbs on topic Restoring license plates
Anyone out there living in a state prison who has some input?

I sprayed the background color first, matched the color ('27) to a late '90s Mitsubishi color; Sprayed plates in Sikkens Autocryl & baked; Got a brayer/roller, and played around with the letter color (white) using Sikkens Autocryl at different degrees of wetness/tackiness. Took lots of practice, wipe off your messy number attempts using 3M adhesive cleaner until satisfied. Use a tack rag every time.

Looks like a mint uncirculated orig.

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09 Jun 2006 08:43 #4936 by 1930 Jordan
Replied by 1930 Jordan on topic Restoring license plates
I can help you out with the plate restoration if they are not to badly rusted out. I have restored my 1930 IL plates for my Jordan. And did it two ways, one looks like the original stile, and the other looks like as if it was a new plate (real shiny). I like the old look the best. e-mail me with any of your questions and I can e-mail some photos of the plates. I have a 1927 IL plate that I have up for sale at this time and looks good I wish I had a car to put it on. This(1927 IL plate) was my first try at the plate restoration thing. Came out real good. I could not spend what they wanted to do this for me. Plus I like to do what I can my self. This leaves the money there for other things that I my not be able to do. I hope that I can help. Just love the old cars.

1930 Jordan"G" line 90,1953 Plymouth,1951 Chrysler Saratoga,1975 Dart,1974 Schwinn Collgate,1978 Schwinn Continental,1971 Honda 500"4",1973 Honda 350"twin",1975 Honda 500"twin",1955 Norton,1988 Honda Shadow custom,05 crossfire roadster.

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