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Chris Summers wrote: One of my good friends had the opportunity to buy a Duesenberg for $1500 in the 1950s. When he is inevitably asked if he regrets not buying it, he says, "No, $1500 was as hard to come by then as the million would be now."

At the Santa Fe Meet, we met Denise McCluggage who was one of the early female racers. (Sebring) She's a Goddess in the car world. She told the story of having to sell her Ferrari for $6000. It later sold for $13.7 million! Timing is everything.

Friends told her she'd have been a millionaire if she'd kept her cars. No, she said, you have to BE a millionaire to keep these cars!

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Hi Bill, do you know what strange bumpers you have on this car, do you know what they came from ? Is that a sort of hitch on the rear bumper to tow a trailer ? is the whole bumper beefed up to give it strength ? Please post more pic's of it. Best regards Philipp

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15 May 2012 14:22 #22856 by Bill Hummel
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Years ago, in the quest for parts to keep these cars running, owners often made do with the parts they could find. They didn't have the Internet to get instant feedback on parts. Take these bumperettes shown above for example. They were "close-enough" for the front of this Cord. Same for the front bumper. The rear bumper had an extra plate bolted on. A trailer hitch was put on to help Jim as he moved to new locations. These cars were really driven every day!

How lucky we are to have the Internet and global access, especially now that the parts are getting harder and harder to find.

Here's another example of "close-enough": The AA-25 in the front is correct for my S/C Phaeton. Right rear is an EE-15 for a normal engine. The center is an EE-16 (Packard?). Not sure what the one on the left is. EE-1? Both of these are close and I suppose could be used if they had to be put into service.

I am inventorying and photographing thousands of parts this summer as I prepare for the eventual restoration. I am interviewing restorers now. I will not do anything to this car until everyone gets to see it in Auburn.

I have made a web page to display the photos as I add more and more. I'll just post the link to it, so that I do not overwhelm the forums.


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30 May 2012 08:01 #22939 by RayCord
RayCord replied the topic: Restoration
Hi Bill - Thanks for the link.
Great photos of your latest aquisition with plenty attention to detail of the car and parts that came with it. It will be a great historical record in the years to come, especially as you add pics of the restoration and final product. You should publish a book with the story of the car, the trip home, restoration & the pics to go along with it. I look forward to the next "chapter" and the next series of photos. The very best of luck with the project. Regards Ray :D

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