October 24 - Caleb Bragg dies

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24 Oct 2007 05:56 #8488 by Josh Malks
Josh Malks created the topic: October 24 - Caleb Bragg dies
On this date in 1943 Caleb S. Bragg, pioneer racer and co-inventor with Victor W. Kliesrath of a power brake, died in New York City at age 58. Their Bragg-Kliesrath Company was purchased in the 1930s by Bendix Aviation, and supplied the main shift cylinder for the Cord 810/812.

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24 Oct 2007 10:49 #8491 by bill powell
bill powell replied the topic:
I'm more amazed every day at how few antique car people have any concept as to how that shifter system works. We had one awhile back that would not shift, so I pulled the front cover so I could shift it by hand to move it where it needed to go, and a guy who had been around Cords for years wanted to know what all that junk was.

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