Graham Hollywood production begins

30 Jun 2012 21:11 #23123 by Tom_Parkinson
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The Skylark and Hollywood site suggests that either 31 or 32 Skylarks were built by Hupp. I suppose that the records of a company [i:2lr3hct7]in extremis[/i:2lr3hct7] are understandably a little hazy.


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See pix of 1509A here:

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30 Jun 2012 21:21 #23124 by Chris Summers
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The Graham-Hupp history I wrote for last year's Reunion, "Brother Can You Spare A Die?," is being included in the St. John's program this year. I wrote three pages and could have written a book. It is a big, complicated, fascinating story with a lot of interesting characters...and, in Cord tradition, a lot of detail changes as production went along.

I have to miss St. John's, but if you can make it, go - in addition to the great cars Kellie Janousek got out for Auburn last year, there will be other surprises.

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27 Aug 2013 20:05 #25822 by balinwire
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Turns out one of the 25 leading artists in the world drove a Graham, Man Ray lived in the states 40-51, he may have owned this during this time.

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