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Dutch Jacobs wrote: One of my personal interests is collecting movies and videos on DVD, and there are PROJECTORS that take a video output from either a DVD machine, or (as an example) a Laptop Computer and can display it at computer monitor screen resolution - about as diamond clear as it gets!
Popcorn, anyone?

Imagine that! Great minds think alike! But I am way ahead of you, bub!

You are correct. DVD's are computer based and should stay that way! They are very close to HDTV if you keep them in the computer world and don't use regular video gear.

I install computer networks for a living. We are now expanding into home theater.

A PC based home theater will out perform ANY conventional video gear and do it for about 30 cents on the dollar.

In my home theater, I have a Windows 2000 server with over a TERABYTE of disk space! I designed it using low-cost 160-GB IDE drives and a Promise IDE RAID 5 controller. Newer 300-GB drives from Maxtor will allow me to expand it to close to 3 Terabytes.

I use DVDDCRYPTER to RIP all of my DVD's to the server. I have close to 150 on there now. My whole house is wired for 100-Mbit ethernet which is REQUIRED for streaming DVD's anywhere in the house. I have a HTPC (Home Theater PC) in my video rack that does nothing but show the DVD's over the wire from the server. It also has a myHD card which acts like a HDTV Tivo. I can record HDTV from over-the-air.

I use a Panasonic LT-795 Hi-Def Projector to throw a 20-foot picture! Since everything I do is pure VGA (SVHS simply won't do!!) I use a keyboard/video/mouse switch box to switch my Home Theater PC, my Sony HD satellite receiver and my DVDO line doubler (for older legacy stuff). I use an IBM wireless keyboard/mouse so I can sit anywhere and switch the video input.

I only use my Sony receiver to switch the 5.1 digital sound. All video is computer based VGA and goes through the switch box up to the Projector. My screen cost me $20! Two buckets of Home Depot's best flat white paint with one drop of Black in each one. It's called "NBC White". The drop of back pigment suppresses all pink and reddish tones that may be reflected back at you.

See below. (Ignore the old Kloss Novabeam in the middle of the floor. That was not being used and will shortly show up on eBay.)

Bill Hummel - Webmaster - ACD Club

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acdclubadmin replied the topic: Good place for you to visit.

Dutch Jacobs wrote: We use the above system on my ship to show movies on the hanger bay from time to time. The screen is fifty feet across, and it comes out just fine! The audio out goes to a set of stage amplifiers.

Go to if you want to see a website like this that is devoted to Audio and Video. This is Digital Mecca!

Bill Hummel - Webmaster - ACD Club

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Now THAT'S what I'M talkin' about!!!


PS: It looks like what I want is going to be around $3K.

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