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16 Feb 2012 02:28 #22220 by Ohio AMX
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memaerobilia wrote:

Ohio AMX wrote: Medina County, OH postcards (where I live) including Chippewa Lake

Merdina is most recognizable to me, as the birthplace of the famous Waco Aircraft Company. the evolution of this most successful and influential company went from Weaver to Advance to Waco Aircraft and went from Medina to Lorraine to Troy Ohio. I have a LOT of those original company archives, dwgs, files, photos historic documents as part of MY aviation history collections. The files are also filled with many letters from very famous aviators and aviation company presidents and history makers.
Weaver was only in Medina from 1921-23 and moved to Lorraine in 1924. One of the main Medina items is the Weaver company bank account book with all the wages paid and income and expenses noted for those early years. Very amusing to see 60-70 hour weeks and noting pay raises in amounts as small as 2 1/2 cents! <!-- s:shock: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked" /><!-- s:shock: -->

Very interesting, I have a lot of historical Medina materials but had never heard of Waco Aircraft.

Scott Campbell
Medina, OH

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16 Feb 2012 17:12 #22227 by Mike Dube
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Get yourself over to the MAPS museum at the Akron Canton Regional Airport. They have a WACO. If you haven't been there, its well worth a visit anyway.

As an aside, I had a ride in WACO a number of years ago, when I was an "airport bum" working on a private pilot license. The pilot did aerobatics for about 45 minutes over the Portage Lakes. What a ride!


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21 Feb 2012 20:29 #22285 by DJT
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alsancle wrote: I collect prewar automotive literature and photos.

Due to lack of sleep, I read that as pewter automotive literature and was puzzled for a bit....... <!-- s:? --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused" /><!-- s:? -->

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