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Regarding the Boats:

1. The "flying lady" is technically called the "Sea Nymph". Commonly thought of as a ?mermaid?, the figurehead is actually a water nymph. Well known sculptor- Russell G. Crook designed the solid nickel figure. Crook and Dodge wanted the piece to give even docked boats a feeling of speed and grace. It was the only production boat that featured a hood ornament

2. The Dodge Runabouts (not the Watercar model) from 1929 on...in the 21', 25', 25.5' and 28' models used the Duesenberg steering wheel / horn assembly and clum switch assembly exactly as featured in the J model cars. The three knobs control the throttle, spark advance and lights. The cord shifter that comes through the dash controls forward and reverse. The instrument panel had nothing to do with Duesenberg cars but was very special and specially designed by Horace. The dash also featured a Stewart Warner "Pass a Lite" cigar lighter.

3. The "Watercar" model was built in Detroit before Horace's mother built him the factory in Newport News. This was before the Cord/Dodge partnership and the boats featured predominately OX-5 or 4 cyl Dodge car motors. The Watercar model were sold like automobiles, through Dodge Brothers automobile dealers.

4. Garwood made one (1) model in the Newport News factory after Dodge stopped using it - it was called the "Ensign" model (production boat).

5. Regarding the design of the boats and how Lycoming engines were used: In 1930, with the help of the world famous naval architect, George Crouch, Dodge moved to the newly built Horace E. Dodge Boat and Plane Corporation, a state of the art boat building plant in Newport News, Virginia, which at the time was billed at the time as the ?world?s largest motor boat plant?. Horace had the financial wherewithal to buy whatever he thought he needed, and this led to the partnership between Dodge boats and Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg. This collaboration resulted in some of the most beautiful boats ever built. Horace approached E.L. Cord to supply engines from the ACD subsidiary Lycoming. As Dodge was one of the very few entities able to pay cash, Cord agreed. One of the correct colors used on the Dodge Lycoming 8cyl engines is a similar olive green found in the Auburn and Packard cars (contact for formula).

We recently wrote an article regarding the history of the Dodge Plant for a well known antique boat magazine (Classic Boat). I also own 3 post 1930 Dodge Runabouts (16, 21 and 25) and two pre 1930 22' Dodge Watercar Models and a handful of extra Lycoming marine engines (one which I pulled out of a boat earlier today). All very original pieces of history with little to no modification from original spec. You can see more regarding Dodge boats and the use of the Duesenberg components and Lycoming engines by visiting:

[url:2of66kkl]http://www.dodgeboats.com[/url:2of66kkl] and
www.dodgeboats.org [/url]


Steven C. Martini
San Diego, CA

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