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08 Nov 2011 14:52 #21387 by memaerobilia
memaerobilia replied the topic:
Fantastic conepts from the mind of a true genius and visionary. Thank you so much for posting those Tremulis drawings. :D
Where are they now?

Joe G.
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08 Nov 2011 15:28 #21389 by Justin Kerns
Justin Kerns replied the topic:
Here are the photos for those having trouble with the links as I did:

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend Steve Tremulis' presentation at the last Reunion saw these and many, many more of Alex's creations. Steve is Alex's nephew and custodian of his archives. Truly fascinating and luckily for all of us a comprehensive book of Alex's work is planned.


1932 Auburn 12-160A Sedan

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10 Nov 2011 06:27 #21402 by streamliner
streamliner replied the topic:
The renderings are safe and sound. The models are mostly missing. If anyone knows their whereabouts, please PM me.

The renderings from top to bottom are:

- One of Tremulis' first 5 or 6 concepts for the Tucker completed in late 1946.

- Kaiser "105" sports car based on the Henry J, whose profile is behind it, 1952

- The Tucker Talisman for 1952, had Tucker ever emerged intact from the legal issues

- The sketch that created the 1934 Duesenberg Model J LaGrande Convertible/Coupe that he was paid $2.50 by Donn Hogan (the Chicago Sales Manager). He bought it back from Strother MacMinn years later, for $2.50.

- The Tremulis Voisin, diamond wheel configuration

- The TriAxiom, his ultimate in streamlining for anything with more than two wheels.

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