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29 Jul 2003 10:41 #561 by Bill Hummel
Bill Hummel replied the topic: Re: 1st Cord

balinwire wrote: Roy,

There may be no other way to keep a Cord running than to engine swap as there are no Lycoming engines in abundance. There were many owners who installed different power plants and that?s what is generally done to keep them alive. Beats the other option!

I would sure rather admire how did they get that to work and there are many fine years of motoring left. Mine has the block repaired as most did.

Here are pictures of the underside of my Cord 810 conversion.

Picture #88 is particularly good. It shows the tubular reinforcement that was added to hold the Turbo-hydromatic 400 transmission. If you look closely, you may be able to see where the new front-end was grafted onto the Cord. You can also see the dual exhaust and modern leaf springs that were added.

Current engine is a Olds 455. It runs hot, but it runs reliably. The car is very solid with little or no flexing of the body. I understand the problem was very noticable in the Cabriolets and that occasionally the doors would fly open.

I am a little sensitve to ribbing from other members about smoking my rear tires, but here are the pictures. Here is how mine was done!

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20 Aug 2003 00:46 #674 by Dutch Jacobs
Dutch Jacobs replied the topic:
As far as replication goes - my own is in pieces at this point, and the thought of copying the fenders and so on in fiberglass has crossed my mind more than once. The most recent iteration is focused on the prospect of a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado drivetrain, which is a five hundred cubic inch front wheel drive. I believe the oldsmobile Toronado was the same.

Duplicating the body itself would be the difficult part, that and the interior.
The frame could be welded square bar tube with or without a roll cage.

Undoubtably a project like that would be an eye catcher, but it would essentially amount to designing an entire car from scratch - even if an original was used as a mold for the overall planform.


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