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08 Aug 2005 14:52 #3488 by acdclubadmin
acdclubadmin created the topic: How this website helps ACD owners
Every now and then I sit down and take stock of how amazing all of this new technology is.

As your Webmaster, you would think that being around this website everyday, it would get to be old hat after awhile. As I ponder my next task to do on my Cabriolet, it suddenly hit me just how far I have been able to take my Cord in such a short time considering the fact that I am not much of a mechanic.

I have done it with the help of other ACD Members from around the world and it took modern technology to allow a clumsy neophyte to self-restore a 70-year old car.

I spent the weekend mounting original Cord trunk latches. My Cord had the holes sealed up with lead and then a layer of bondo on top. So I had to be an archeologist that was excavating through metal. This "simple" task is not easy because the latches just don't close right with the right amount of force unless everything is mounted exactly.

I wasn't sure what I was getting into, so I asked for help on this website and tips and diagrams started to pour in. Here's a very helpful diagram from Ray Exton in South Africa of the oval plate that I should be looking for under the surface. South Africa is on the other side of the world! That's about as far away as you can get! About 5 days by mail, but only 230 milleseconds on the Internet!

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what's live video worth? I have a video camera on my Cabriolet in my garage and it allows "experts" from around the globe to see what I sometimes have a hard time describing. Here is a shot that Josh Malks was looking at when he offered help on mounting my trunk latches.


We are racing the clock as older members who are real experts pass on. Use this website and other Internet resources to accelerate the restoration of your automobile.

This marriage of technology and old skills can only work if this website is accesible to the experts. If you know of a priceless resource that cannot use the web directly, (J. K. Howell comes to mind) then please offer to act as a go-between to get what is in his head onto the pages of this website.


Bill Hummel - Webmaster - ACD Club

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29 Aug 2005 11:48 #3611 by RayCord
RayCord replied the topic: Glad to be of assistance
I'm happy I could assist. Thanks to Bill, Balin', Josh and all the folk that have helped me with information etc. Technology is helping us build great cars and great relationships. Glad to be a part of it.

Cords in South Africa - visit my website:

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