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To a Male, a Garage is really Home Sweet Home

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03 May 2003 20:09 #245 by Picture Gallery
To a Male, a Garage is really Home Sweet Home was created by Picture Gallery
Kids get sent to their room when they are bad .... Wives retreat to the kitchen ... but a man WANTS to be banished to his garage!


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  • Dutch Jacobs
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17 May 2003 01:48 #297 by Dutch Jacobs
Replied by Dutch Jacobs on topic To a Male, a Garage is really Home Sweet Home
- Oh well, maybe a small one that is full of "Beverages"....

I NEED A BIGGER GARAGE (Most guys would say "I can't understand why the woman can't understand that..." but she knows it, in my case. Now if only I could get all of her extra clothes out of there...)

The GARAGE is the modern, forward thinking, progressive, automotively GREEDY males icon of MECCA (as it is concieved in the Camel Racing world).

One must have a place (let us call it "THE SHOP"...) where it is possible to concieve of not altogether well thought out projects, and to persue them with modern day conveniences:

Air tools.
A Compressor.
A 240 volt line for arc, and wire-feed welding (not to mention a fire safe area)
Very large (if not MASSIVE) tool boxes to maintain that quality of "organization" which seems to make our spouses so terribly happy...
ENGINE stands, and Cherry Pickers, so that we do not become old too soon (To the displeasure of our gentle ladies)

THUS IT IS ESSENTIAL, I MAINTAIN - that if we are as true males to realise ourselves as the individuals our wives so adore, that WE MUST EXPRESS OURSELVES in the ways which we became famous (if not downright NOTORIOUS) for -

The which to become the heroes they foresaw, at the time they became enamored of us in the first place, and so to realise our mutual dreams....

FOR WHO WOULD actually marry a loser???

<!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" /><!-- s:lol: -->

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