cars in Great Gatsby movie 2013

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16 Apr 2013 08:28 #25018 by 1930 Jordan
1930 Jordan created the topic: cars in Great Gatsby movie 2013
In or on MAY 10th 2013 there is a new movie the Great Gatsby comming out. The Car that Gatsby drives is a dussy "J" Phaeton 1930's?? Look at the reviews in "google". Looks to me like a 1970's car. The repos that they made at that time. Leonardo DiCaprio is playing Gatsby so it should be good. God I hope so!!! <!-- s:wink: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=":wink:" title="Wink" /><!-- s:wink: -->

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16 Apr 2013 14:21 #25021 by Chris Summers
Chris Summers replied the topic:
They bought two Duesenberg II phaetons and a replica 1933 Auburn speedster, and refinished the Duesenbergs in matching yellow.

I'm going to skip seeing what the CGI version of my favorite book looks like. <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarassed" /><!-- s:oops: -->

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16 Apr 2013 15:00 #25022 by RandyEma
RandyEma replied the topic:
This movie is using original Duesenberg sounds in there final mix. Randy

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17 Apr 2013 00:07 #25027 by auburn-kid
auburn-kid replied the topic:
Especially since Gatsby didn't drive a Duesey, it clearly states that he drove a Rolls in the book. I just re-read one of my favorite classics after seeing the previews. Believe me, I would have remembered if Gatsby had driven a Duesey!

Kellie Janousek
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17 Apr 2013 00:14 #25028 by RandyEma
RandyEma replied the topic:
The use of a Duesenberg in this movie probably stems from the first film version in which they used two matching Duesenberg J.Ns conv coupes. Randy

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17 Apr 2013 03:52 #25029 by silverghost
silverghost replied the topic:
In the original movie hype put out in the press months ago the producers were telling everyone that they spent Big $$$ Money to buy "Original Three Million $$$$ Dollar Duesenbergs"~~~~

Which we all now here know they did not !

I had thought that the original movie release date was supposed to be around Christmas week 2012 ?
My neighbor's teenage daughters were anxiously hoping to see it during Christmas week ?
Perhapps it needed re-working or re-editing ?

F. Scott Fitzgerald clearly writes about a yellow Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost in his Great Gatsby Novel ~~~
In fact several Rolls~Royce~ "Circus Wagons"
The novel story plot in Fitzgerald's book takes place just shortly after WW I in approx 1922~
The book itself was first actually published in 1925 .

Why then are the movie producers using reproduction Model "J" Duesenbergs in their Great Gatsby film ???
As we all here know the Duesenberg model "J" was not built in this eary 20s time period !

Fitzgerald seems to be making fun at the very rich , and their care free & fun attitudes about their free spirit party lifestyle, and their indifference to the day to day life struggle of the average everyday worker, in this Great Gatsby novel~~

Most of the wealthy folks he actually loosely based the Gatsby story line on were in fact his real life super wealthy Long Island NY "Blue Book" Society friends~~~

My Springfield Phantom I (S-136 PM), Wimbledon "Special" Coupe' a, Commodore Hotel Salon Show Car, was in fact owned by one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Southold Long Island NY close friends.
His name was Alfred H. Cosden; and his famous race horse Vito won the 1928 NY Belmont Stakes Race.
Cosden had his own private golf course, vinyard, on his very large estate called "Eastward" on the bluffs overlooking Long Island Sound in Shouthold Long Island NY.
His Carriage house still stands today, now a private home, where my Springfield Wibledon Coupe' was once stored & garaged, as well as several other estate service buildings, worker's houses, & the golf course.
He used this powerful high-speed R~R Coupe' auto to commute to New York City from his large Southold Long Island NY county estate.
He was also a member of the Long Island Expressway highway built as a private limited access "members only" high speed expressway road to New York City built by his friend Vanderbuilt. Basically it was the very first modern high speed expressway in America with no real speed limits.
Cosden's early 50+/- store drugstore chain "Riker Drug Co." of NY in fact sold prescription "Rum" and other "Medical" alcohol products legally when you could not in fact buy it legally anywhere else in a tavern at this "Dry" prohibition time period.
I have one of the empty "Riker Drug" Prescription Rum bottles at home here to go along with the history of my car.
I suspect this is where Cosden & Riker Drug Co. made much of his very large NY "Drugstore" chain fortune ?
He was a true Rags-To-Riches guy who came from a MD farm area and was self-made just like the fictional Jay Gatsby .
He retired in his early 40s a multi-millionaire and spent the rest of his life racing & breeding race horses, trotters, golfing, yachting, as well as collecting fine art & rare books!
He was also a long time member of the NY road driver's association.
Some folks, & historians, in Southold Long Island NY say that Cosden, among several other of his very wealthy friends, were the actual Real Life Basis of Fitzgerald's fictional lead character~~~Jay Gatsby .
The Gatsby persona I believe was a composite based on a number of people,and close friends, that Fitzgerald actually knew in his real life.

Funny & odd fact~~~Fitzerald too ~~~owned a new Springfield Rolls~Royce himself at one point in real life !
His car is mentioned on the aft pages of the Springfield Rolls~Royce production listing in my late friend John Webb De Campi's great Springfield R~R history book "Rolls~Royce In America"
I do not know if his Springfield R~R auto still exists ?

And a Springfield Phantom I (posing as a Silver Ghost) was also used in the 1973 Robert Redford / Great Gatsby movie.
With the exception of the more advanced OHV Phantom I engine it basically is the very same earlier Silver Ghost car chassis.
Several Rolls~Royce autos were indeed featured in that 1973 movie.
I have seen this yellow former Great Gatsby movie Springfield Rolls~Royce Phantom I auto in person twice.
It just sold at auction only a few years back after being in the very same private ownerhip since well before that 1973 Robert Redford Great Gatsby movie.

Mira Sorvino starred also in yet another Great Gatsby Movie remake only a few short years back as Jay Gatsby's former lost love obsession~~~ Daisy~

I think I too will wait for this new Great Gatsby remake movie to appear some time later on cable~~~
Not much of a DeCaprio fan ~~~
He seems to be far to young an actor for the movie parts he seems to play in my opinion.
Howard Hughes, Herbert Hoover, etc~
He is still in fact a young actor~

At least all the teenage girls & 20 Year olds, will be very happy to see him again in this Great Gatsby movie remake !
This seems to be his current target audience.

There is also another earlier DeCaprio Gasby forum thread posted on this ACD forum~~~use the search function above to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. BRAD HUNTER Huntingdon Valley Pa/Ocean City NJ 215 947 4676 Engineer & RE Developer Brass & Classic Auto, Antique Boat, Mechanical Automatic Music Machine, & Jukebox Collector

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