My Father's Duesenberg

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Commodore wrote: My father had a Duesenberg up until 1955. Recently I came across some old photos of his Duesenberg. So I am posting them here in hopes that someone can tell me something about the car. Also, family lore has it that the car appeared in the 1949 movie version of the ?The Great Gatsby?. Does anyone know whether a Duesenberg appeared in this movie and which car it was?

Steve Marshall

Hello Commodore,

maybe there is (on page 108) a short (letter) remark written by your father, about his Duesenberg experience, in the book "DUESENBERG - the mightiest American Motorcar" by J.L. Elbert

In the early 50ies Mr. Elbert sent a form letter (to several persons who have had a Duesenberg car), in which he requested owners remarks and recollections about their Duesenbergs.

A Mr.(?) C. Marschall aswered as follows: ..." I bought the car as a used one in Chicago in 1940... Being a used car, I don't suppose it was in especially good condition mechanically, allthough I never had any trouble with it and the appearance was good."

Kind Regards


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