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Bob Roller wrote: I wonder if a number of people that had Duesenbergs got rid of them after a short time. Too flashy and obviously a lot of money or troublesome and hard to service in most areas of the country.
Raydon Thompson often said he was doubtful if any of them were
any good and we both agreed that a Packard made more sense for
daily use and world wide service and a solid dealer network were always available for them.
Bob Roller

Hello Bob,

I don't think that service was a problem in the L.A./Hollywood area at that time. After Duesenberg closed its branch in L.A. a Mr. Bob Roberts had a shop on Ivar Street.

If I got it right, so Clark Gable has had a "second" Duesenberg to drive with. The Duesenberg Company gave him one of the two 1935 Supershort (125') SJ La Grande Roadster to his personel use.
So if I had the opportunity to chose between the uncharged CC and the twincarbed-supercharged Roadster...

But I don't know how long the time period was, that Mr. Gable drove the SSJ.


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