Duesy Roadster in Switzerland

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250cal replied the topic: 2227/J135 Duesenberg Roadster
I dug out the Kruse 1990 Auction catalog and as soon as I scan the small colored photo will email you a copy. Its a very neat looking car looks like a replica of the short wheel base factory SSJ's

Incidentally we still don't know who made the body whether it was started by Carter and finish later by Al Prueitt, who advertised the car and showed it at the June 1987 Gilmore Museum Show, or was it a new body made by Pruitt?

After writing the above- I picked up the phone and had a great conversation this afternoon, with Al Pruiett of Al Pruiett and Sons in Glen Rock PA. He is still in business, at 80 yrs old, with his sons and this is what he told me.

2004 September 3, Telephone call between John Apen and Al Prueitt of Glen Rock PA. Story of roadster, J135, that Pruitt sold around 1988.

Engine, J135, came from Guardenino Museum in May 1964, Pruitt had purchased the entire collection from the estate for Gene Zimmermann in PA. Engine was like new. He bought fenders, hood and ? from Al Bittner? Other parts from Marshall Merkes and more parts from Melvin Clemens. The frame came from John North (see J113) , who said Jim Hoe had modified in the 40?s. (All these people were very active in the U. S. Duesenberg market in the 40's to the 60's
Pruiett and his sons built the car, they are a coachworks. Tax problems caused him to sell the car around 1988.
About two years ago he got a letter and photos from a couple in England who had bought the car at auction, and he responded with the history he knew.

More details next week when Al has more time to talk., he promised to call me back. Please email photos to <a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url]. Big files are oK I have DSL high speed connection.

John Apen

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