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28 Feb 2007 17:19 #6465 by Kevin
Kevin created the topic: J482
Looking for information on J482, chassis number 2498. I know it now carries a Murphy Convertible Sedan body. Would like to know it's whereabouts and condition.

Thanks in advance....

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28 Feb 2007 23:45 #6467 by Joel
Joel replied the topic:
J482 was offered at the 2000 Auburn auction by Kruse as a Murphy Convertible Sedan, restored in 1962 and claimed to be ACD level 1 certified. It was a no sale at $550,000.
It was offered again in 2001 ans was again a no sale, drawing a high bid of $490,000

The Automotive History Online Duesenberg registry has something alltogether different to say about it:

Union City-LaGrande Sweep-Panel Phaeton 7/11. J. Francis Werneth, No. 1 1992 ACD NL, says that original owner is unknown. C. 1945 owned by Jim Hoe (No. 7 1992 ACD NL as well); lacked chrome frame at top of windshield. It was for sale from Baltimore collector Louis Meyer through George Rokas in 1954, advertised in Baltimore Sun. Black with red sweep, tan upholstery, $2,500 asking price, later came down to $1,500. Driven in Easter Parade in Baltimore one year. Test-driven by Ed Butler but he didn't buy it. Finally sold to Walt Bishop of Emleton, PA, who listed it in CCCA Directory in 1956. Car was shown at ACD Meet in Avon, PA, repainted red with whtie sweep panel and hood plus whitewall tires. ACD NL No. 7, Wolff notes it was sold by California's Jim Packer to Leo Gephart, who sold it to John B****s of Canada, taking J-375 in trade. Owner not listedby AHO.

Joel Nystrom
1929 Duesenberg Model J Murphy Convertible Coupe

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01 Mar 2007 02:55 #6468 by Chris Summers
Chris Summers replied the topic:
Regarding the registry, my information is incomplete. Kevin has corrected me. The car was originally a LaGrande Phaeton and swapped bodies with J-334, the Murphy CS, in the 1960s.

I am finishing "Registry 2.0" to be sent in soon; it has many corrections and additions such as the above.

P.S. The paint scheme in those photos looks very similar to J-453, the Murphy CS at the ACD Museum. I wonder which restoration was done first? :D

Chris Summers
ACD Club
Chandler-Cleveland Motor Club

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

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