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17 Sep 2006 02:40 #5438 by smithdb1
smithdb1 created the topic: Side Cutains
I am intriged by the side curtains used on the convertible duesys without roll up windows. How did they attach? How reliable?

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18 Sep 2006 02:08 #5444 by Duesey
Duesey replied the topic:
That is an interesting question, and there is a pretty simple answer to both questions:

How did they attach? With difficulty.
How reliable? Define 'reliable.'

The side curtains that were provided on open cars, be it a roadster, speedster, or phaeton, were really a last resort kind of offering. Often, they attach to the body and top of the car with snaps or some sort. They are really not designed to act as a way to keep off the elements so much as a means to fend them off until you can seek shelter. And this is assuming you've got the presence of mind to start putting them on at a hit of rain, b/c they are not easy to put on. Reliability is dependent on how well you put them on (there is usually a lot of stretch, grunting, and potential pinched fingers involved to get a good, tight fit) and how much weather you are trying to keep out.

Below are some pictures pictures of a 1924 Duesenberg Straight Eight Convertible Sedan with the top down and the side curtains off, and then with the top up and the side curtains put on. Important things to note are that the main technique used by the curtain designers to keep water out is simply to wrap the curtains around things (the windshield, the rear convertible support) and that they don't really provide any protection from the cold at all. Also important to note is that it took around 15 minutes for the owner, his daughter, and Duesenberg expert Randy Ema to put on the side curtains, by which time it had stopped drizzling. These shots were taken at the ACD Festival this year.

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