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Thoughts on new Duesenberg?

  • m
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03 Aug 2006 20:16 #5158 by m
Thoughts on new Duesenberg? was created by m
i'm sure you are all aware of the new Duesnberg.

Article: ... 605519.htm

But what are your thoughts?

I'm kind of disappointed by this. I mean obviously all previous attempts to bring the car back have failed. And also, no living Duesenberg is attached to this project. That is more of a selfish reason haha.

But overall, I just don't like the idea. Thoughts?

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  • Randy_G
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05 Aug 2006 02:14 #5167 by Randy_G
Replied by Randy_G on topic Thoughts on new Duesenberg?
There is somewhat of a new trend in automakers in Europe. They have brought back from the grave a couple of brands that people had long since given up hope of ever seeing again. As we all know Mercedes brought back the Maybach and BMW gave us the Mini once again. America has never had anything like this, the big three can barely pay the light bills at this point so if some independent investors want to bring back the most famous name in automotive history I say go for it. I wont be purchasing one, But I will put it on my site. That is just my thoughts for what they are worth.


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  • Chris Summers
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05 Aug 2006 05:21 #5168 by Chris Summers
Replied by Chris Summers on topic Thoughts on new Duesenberg? I've said before on an earlier post, I just don't think you can capture the spirit of a Duesenberg in modern days.
Yes, the original Duesenberg was an incredible, fantastic automobile, showing off the passion of each individual owner. But so did the custom-built Lincolns and Cadillacs of the Thirties, and look at the stuff those companies are turning out now--talk about a fall from grace. Who's to say that Duesenberg, over the years, wouldn't have done any different?
To be a REAL Duesenberg, capturing all the flair of the original, the car would have to basically designed by each individual buyer, available with different engines on different wheelbases, etc., etc.--the sort of stuff that made buying, owning, and admiring one great in the first place. And in today's market that's pretty much impossible.
That said, I'll climb off my soapbox. :)

Chris Summers
ACD Club
H.H. Franklin Club

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

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  • number8
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15 Aug 2006 21:50 #5227 by number8
Replied by number8 on topic Thoughts on new Duesenberg?
Even the economic conditions of this time somewhat resemble the times of the 1920s and 1930s. Could this be the latest golden age of great cars? Maybe.


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  • HoosierCar
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26 Aug 2006 03:30 #5290 by HoosierCar
Replied by HoosierCar on topic Thoughts on new Duesenberg?
While I'm not averse to evolutionary studies of classic marques, I find this one lacking proper form.
1) The back is too flat and devoid of character. Pretty common, really, as most cars are admired from the front 3/4. Attend to that back end like it's J Lo. (no intended pun on the name) If it has a V-12, the rear is what most people will see, anyway.

2) The front is far too 'Bentley'. Granted, there were similarities in grill shape in the 30s, but not enough to characterize the entire front fascia. It must be a design dominated by two headlights. A four headlight design would relegate some HIDs in a placement congruent to horns or actively turning driving lights of yore.

3) The effects don't really correspond with the tapered concentric louvers made famous on the J. Unfortunately, the side treatment became more busy than the original.

A modern interpretation will more likely echo European carrosiers due to the lower proportions. On a brighter note, the side treatment of the 2-tone color thumbnail image suggests the classic 'spear' found on the radiator of the J.

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