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1923 Indy 500 Pace Car

01 May 2021 03:33 - 01 May 2021 03:51 #43014 by tbenvie
1923 Indy 500 Pace Car was created by tbenvie
I am researching the various Indy 500 Pace Cars for an upcoming book and have a few questions for the 1923 Duesenberg Pace Car.
I've read the car was a Model A Touring car with a body by Millspaugh and Irish. is this correct? Was it yellow, or is there a specific color code and name for it.
Prior to the race a Model A drove 3,155 miles in 50 hours 21 minutes in April 1923. It is said that car became the Pace Car. Any truth to this?
I've seen there were about 650 Model As made between 1921-1927. Was the Pace Car actually a 1923 model? How many were made in 1923?
Is there any history of what happened to this car after the race, and where it went? Any factory records left on these cars?
Is there a breakdown of how many were touring, closed, etc? I've seen a Model J registry-any for the A?
Any information is really appreciated. Thanks
Last edit: 01 May 2021 03:51 by tbenvie.

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