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30 Jul 2004 20:50 #2017 by Al Hatch
Al Hatch replied the topic:
I understand Stan's concerns about attending a mini-meet only to have to work on someone's car but having hosted 5 mini-meets over the past 10 years, those in attendance have had minumal problems (certainly not of the magnitude of conducting a mini over haul in the parking lot of Wal-Mart!). My wife and I have attending three mini-meets so far this year and there have been few problems and certainly none that require a lot of assistance.

At the Can-AM meet that was just held last week, we had 20 ACD cars and only one had a minor problem with a front wheel hanging up. Outside of that, all of the tours were trouble free. For those who don't attend the mini-meets they are surely missing what the Club is all about and would hate to see people not attend for fear of 'having to work on an ACD' car. If that is the case, I guess, just maybe, they are missing the point of the Club and the is the fellowship and friendships that are developed over the years. The cars are just the media to a more meaningful Club.

That's my two cents for what it is worth.


Al Hatch

P.S. Our 1933 8-105A Phaeton performed beautiful all last weekend on the tours - and we did not have one tool in the car!

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