Riding in the Parade finally - 29 years of waiting....

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08 Jun 2004 17:56 #1789 by DJT
DJT created the topic: Riding in the Parade finally - 29 years of waiting....
My story of an ACD Car is not so much driving one - haven't done that one yet..., but riding in one.

I grew up in Waterloo, IN, 5 miles north of Auburn in 1971. I always admired the ACD cars and would have my parents take me to the parade every year. I also cut out of the newspapers every single article that they printed about ACD cars (they were taken to NATMUS several years ago). I then began working at the ACD Museum, and got to ride in Gary Vicks something Teen Auburn, the Champion Sparkplug Cord, steer Garbo's Duesenberg and helped push the 66 Duesenberg (my hand kept if from hitting a wall).

Although I was around the cars all the time, I really wanted to ride in a car in the Parade. I grew up with the parade, but never participated in it. Then in 2000/2001 (can't remember), I met Ken Clark and took a picture of his L-29 and emailed him the picture. Attached to the bottom of the email was my website address. In a few days I got an email from him saying that him and his wife were trying to figure out where the pictures were taken in Viet Nam. I never mentioned that my website pictures were from there, but he knew. Turned out his wife was from Viet Nam and at the time my fiance lived there. (we are now married)

The next year, my wife is with me and we are walking uptown near 10th street. I found Ken's car but not him. Now, by this time, he doesn't really know what I look like nor does he know my wife. Our communication for the year was only email. Then I see them, we walk straight towards them and I wave. Ken looks at me blindly and puts 2 and 2 together. Looks at his wife and says, "you know who this is?". She says, "No". Ken acts like he is typing on a keyboard. And his wife replies, "David". So, our wifes standing in the street talk for a long time in vietnamese.

There really are 2 happy endings to this story...
1) Ken and his wife are great friends and we are happy to host them anytime they are in town.
2) David finally got to ride in the parade - 3 years now! And was offered a ride in a different L-29 Cord last year - Paul's... which if the offer is still open, I might take him up on it this year or next.

So, now if you visit http://www.l-29cord.com You'll not only see what Ken does, but you will see the site I designed.

Thanks.... and seeya in September

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