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08 Sep 2010 00:43 #17910 by sds1861
sds1861 replied the topic:
Hello Chris:
Don't feel bad about not being able to drive a stick. I have a 35 year old son who can't drive one either. The only way to really learn is to drive one every day for a couple of weeks. Once learned, you will never forget how, just like riding a bicycle. If you have a good friend with a stick shift car, trade cars with them for a couple of weeks. After you have the standard transmission mastered, we will promote you up to the class on how to shift rear end ratios.

We old farts learned our stick shifting in the 1960s on those four speed muscle cars. Mine was 1967 Impala SS 427.
Best regards,
Steve Stevens

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08 Sep 2010 13:06 #17915 by alsancle
alsancle replied the topic:
I learned driving a 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe with a 3 on the tree. My dad bought it for 300 dollars with 9k original miles in 1977 for me to use as a high school car. I still have mixed emotions about it. On one hand it was unique and cool to a point - on the other I really wanted a GTO which I did eventually get my hands on.

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08 Sep 2010 20:51 #17922 by Steve Derus
Steve Derus replied the topic:
I learned when I was about 11 years old, in a 1941 Dodge sedan, which was a real easy car to drive. I promptly graduated to a '41 Continental V-12 coupe, and a '28 Rolls P-I Springfield Brewster Newmarket. The Rolls was my dad's daily driver for quite awhile. He drove it to work from our home in Venice CA to North American Aviation in Inglewood. He worked the night shift and the car never failed him.

Dad and I used to take the Rolls over to Hollywood Park race track on Sundays when the track was closed. It had a huge parking lot and Dad would let me drive the Rolls all over the lot for as long as I wanted. I could barely reach the pedals and see over the wheel. I think it was about 1958, I was 12.
When I got good enough at driving the Rolls, he liked to get out and just watch and admire the car as I drove it around the lot. I still have photos of the car at Hollywood Park.

What he never knew is that sometimes while he was sleeping during the day, I would sneak out in the Rolls for a little ride around the neighborhood being careful to return it to its exact parking spot on the street.

I used to "steal" his Model J Murphy convertible sedan regularly when I was in high school, until he caught me red-handed one night.

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I've driven a stick with up to 36 forward gears and to me a stick is a natural thing. But, the modern automatic is so efficient more and more people drive only them. I cannot think of a better car to lose your stick shift virginity on.

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09 Sep 2010 02:36 #17936 by Mike Dube
Mike Dube replied the topic:

Chris Summers wrote: That old brown Auburn does good! How is the fuel economy? Kellie Janousek said her 1935 851 coupe gets at least 19 mpg.

I used to see 16-17 mpg on occasion, but not with the crap we get to run today. My HD used to get 40+, now it's more like 35.


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09 Sep 2010 02:43 #17938 by Chris Summers
Chris Summers replied the topic:
My grandfather wanted to teach me on his Miata but passed away before he was able. I only had one ride in that car once, right before he bought it. He hadn't driven a stick since the early 1970s and stalled it about every ten feet. The fuel injectors needed replacing in the engine and in the mile we drove the car the interior filled with gas fumes. I wouldn't trade that memory for anything.

My mother's first car was a Ford Pinto with an automatic, so she never learned. Dad tried to learn but never got the hang of it. He once tried to drive a delivery truck for Grandpa's business and backed it into the wall of the factory.

Chris Summers
ACD Club
Chandler-Cleveland Motor Club

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

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