Check your speedometer for accuracy

28 Jan 2004 18:39 #1249 by PushnFords
PushnFords replied the topic: Re: #3 Cars can be driven!

Bill Hummel wrote: YOUR #1 MAY BE FUN, BUT A #3 WILL SET YOU FREE !!

Now that is a bumper sticker I'd buy if I saw it! lol I have a magnet for one of my Fords that says "Street Rods are made to be driven". It isn't exactly a street rod but goes along with the "DRIVEIT" personalized plates. It was my daily driver for a while. Hope it will be again some day!

I guess to me the enjoyment from owning a car is to take it out for a drive and to connect with the time period when it was made. Turn the radio (if equipped) to period music and find a deserted road with no modern clutter.......very relaxing......


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29 Jan 2004 01:43 #1257 by Ric Simpson
Ric Simpson replied the topic: Re: Check your speedometer for accuracy

Bill Hummel wrote: How many of you know how accurate your speedometer is?

I spent this afternoon checking mine. How did I do it? With a Magellan handheld GPS... You won't get much more accurate than that!

Hi! I travel with a Garmin StreetPilot III in whatever I am driving. I used it when I brought my Cord to Auburn about 4 years ago. I was very disappointed to see that at 2000 rpm I was doing about 54 mph. I was sure for almost 50 years that 2000 rpm is exactly 60 mph. (47/10 rear end sic) The car shimmied something awful too! It wasn't a very pleasant journey! (475 miles) Before leaving for home I was determined to: stop the squeeling around corners, correct the shimmy. First move was to check the air pressure. I bought a new electronic type guage. I believe the guage! it said I had about 15 lbs in a couple of the tires! I like to travel with about 35! Blew up the tires, car ran like a dream! 2000 rpm = 60 mph! again. Cord ran so well, I had a marvellous time driving north heading for Port Huron. The StreetPilot sits resting against the dash and the shift column. 2 miles from the Bridge the Cord died! I had forgotten my undersize gas tank! I ran out of gas! In about an hour, I was back on the road, flying home! 90% of the fun is driving the car, don't miss out on doing it!
When the engine was rebuilt with a lot of machining done by Jim Oddy, Egge pistons were used. No problems! They run quiet and well! I had it out about 4 weeks ago, I am refusing to drive anything in the weather around Niagara at this time! All the best, Ric.

Ric Simpson,
2001 Niagara Parkway,
Fort Erie, Ontario,
Canada. L2A 5M4

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