Caravan Rules of the Road

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31 Jul 2007 16:26 #7643 by rfloch
rfloch created the topic: Caravan Rules of the Road
I'm involved with organizing a day trip caravan for the Towe Museum in Sacramento. We don't do a lot of caravans so I can't find any written caravan "rules of the road" to use as a hand out-- the kind that provides policies and suggestions like:

[list:1d4tye1j]Must carry a fire extinguisher.
If you see a car pulled over and a number of people are already helping, don't stop.
If you pull over and do not have a problem, the signal for "i don't need help" is a 'thumbs-up'.[/list:u:1d4tye1j]
If anyone has a good caravan rules sheet that we can use and can forward it to me, I would appreciate it.

<a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url]

Richard Floch

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01 Aug 2007 21:36 #7660 by balinwire
balinwire replied the topic: Caravan rules
Is there a standard way for line to handle traffic lights?
It can sometimes destroy a caravan if the lead breaks off.

Clearly huddle with others about drive plan. Maps, Compass.
The rest stops should be stated.
Exchange cel phone numbers of other cars.
If there is a problem keep as far to the right when working.
Wave traffic around break.
Keep limbs out of way.
Exercise utmost caution in intersections.
Ues traffic cones when parked in a group.
Bring large ice chest to share soft drinks.

now, thats in a perfect world

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02 Aug 2007 13:48 #7666 by Wes Trail
Wes Trail replied the topic:
Walki-Talkie radios are helpful. Just make sure everybody is on the same channel.

Don't run yellow lights, and don't turn on red even if it is allowed.

If possible, have several cars that know where they are going. That way if the group is split up, the smaller groups still have leaders.

Maps with course labeled, and street labels (nothing is worse than a map with no names, when you're lost)

At least 1 car should have an emergency road kit of tools, jumper cables, ect. ("should be" standard in any road trip no matter how many cars)

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