Radials or bias tires for my 35 s/c auburn driver?

26 Dec 2006 19:52 #6036 by clydester
clydester replied the topic:
back in 1967, I put a set of the Michelin/Sears radials on a year old Pontiac Bonneville. It was a vast improvement over the previous bias ply tires. It was especially noticed on the highway with greater "tracking." They lasted 50K miles as opposed to the bias plys 20K. On the subject of Diamondback/Coker radials. I have a set of Diamondback repro "redlines" on my Pontiac GTO. Nice tires with decent handling. As someone earlier mentioned they are kinda blocky looking where the sidewall meets the thread. There's a couple other services Diamondback offers. They can add a sidewall (in different colors) to just about any new tire, regardless of brand. they can also "shave" all the lettering off a tire sidewall to give the smooth look.

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02 Feb 2007 05:18 #6323 by mason maynard
mason maynard replied the topic:
every time i've driven over 135 mph has been on 20+ year old bias ply tires. the only car i noticed an improvement on with radials was my 56 studebaker golden hawk; which other than brass era cars was undoubtabably the worst driving car i ever drove. when i finally acquired a set of correct halibrand wheels for my r3 superlark ilooked long and hard at many cars... and put bias tires on them. i've driven old cars many thousands of miles,at high speeds, and still love my bias ply tires. ok i'm NUTS. as to truing tires search the internet for manufactures of tire truers. they'll tell you where they've sold them, usually to stock car racers. also they are used to true tires on the bus style motorc oaches. as to balanceing old car wheels, lets say like on my old 8-100 cabriolet, where the entire tire,tube rim,wheel,and brake drum assembly had to be balanced as an assembly, do it on a crankshaft balancer. absolutely no problem whatsoever. by the way the tire sales guys, coker ,lucas et. don't know that trick, and i bet they forgot after i told them. some of the wheel assemblies were 1#6oz off. that required more thought. anyway it all turned out fine. mm

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18 Feb 2007 12:36 #6403 by Lee
Lee replied the topic: I went with Corker's...but
Hi all,
I went with Corker radial tires; I took the advice and moved my size up to 700x16's and that was a mistake; after mounting I found it rubbed on turns, etc + my right rear fender (sedan donor car) was too close for comfort. So Coker graciously replaced the tires with 6:50's that fit properly.

Okay, so I drive my Auburn like any normal car...I admit that. I drove on my first 100+ trip on I-5 through some tight sweeping S curves; as I passed some semi's on these turns (probably doing 60-65) I felt almost something like a tire shift...it could have been the track in road but my deep fear was that it was rim floating on the tire tread that was holding on to the road...I slowed to 55 and it seemed to be better; have you guys experienced this?

think driver; look at others

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