What kind of car is that?

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Chris mentioned the 1970 Pinto. Not manh people remember it but you really needed three sets of tools to work on Pintos. American tools for the body and chassis, Metric tools for the 2 liter engine, and British Whitworth for the 1.6 liter engine that was available. The 1.6 could be turned into a screamer with the twin cam kit available on the Ford Cortina.

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13 Jul 2010 13:32 #17328 by Chris Summers
Chris Summers replied the topic:

bubbabill wrote: Chris mentioned the 1970 Pinto.

Mom and Dad really liked it, and literally drove the guts out of it. (Specifically, Dad overcorrected taking a corner, rode up on a railroad track, and tore out a good portion of the undercarriage.) They replaced it with their first new car, a red Ford Escort, which was a piece of junk the moment it left Dearborn. It's been 23 years and my parents are just now willing to consider buying a Ford again.

Chris Summers
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10 Aug 2010 03:09 #17541 by Ohio AMX
Ohio AMX replied the topic:
My parents bought one of the first 1971 Pintos when they came out. It was the popular lime green color which always faded. It was their first "second" car and truly a POS. My mom, brother and I spent many days in the dealership's waiting room while it was in for repairs. My dad would write a wish list of items to fix but they would only get to a couple things each time. Finally out of frustration he installed masking tape arrows to point out the defects, or things which had fallen off since the previous visit. After 2 years it was traded for a new Gremlin which was a much better car. I believe the folks' next Ford product was a 1993 Probe, 20 years later.

Scott Campbell
Medina, OH

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