Were L-29 engines mounted backwards?

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06 Nov 2009 22:35 #14907 by
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One source said that if they could have made the Miller FWD transmission work the car would have been called Miller. The Miller FWD transmission was impossible to shift on the street, or at least very hard.

The rest of the front end is basically a Miller indy car.

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07 Nov 2009 00:45 #14909 by Josh Malks
Josh Malks replied the topic:
I'd sure like to know the "source".

Now what do you suppose the chances were that E.L. Cord would put all that effort and money into getting the first front-drive passenger car onto the American market and then name it "Miller"?

Actually, the front end was designed by C.W. Van Ranst. It's based on his "Detroit Special" racing car. All the L-29 mechanical patents are in Van Ranst's name. Cord bought Miller's patents, but the L-29 design owes little to them.

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07 Nov 2009 01:17 #14910 by K Clark
K Clark replied the topic: L-29 engine
The L-29 engine does run in the opposite direction as rear wheel drive cars. Dick also said it in an earlier post. The crank is fit to a gear which allows you crank the engine in normal clock direction, but that gear allows it turn the engine in the opposite direction. And as Stan and Dick said there are very few parts that interchange with the Big 8 Auburn. pistons,rods, valves,headgasket
My 2 Cents
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