15 Nov 2011 05:10 #21437 by Steve Derus
Steve Derus replied the topic:
Yes I have new information

I just checked and the car is not now and has never been in my garage

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18 Nov 2011 15:59 #21456 by proscriptus
proscriptus replied the topic: Raphael Velasco
Incidentally, there was a Rafael Velasco in Toronto in the correct timeframe who was the son of the Governor of Caracas; certainly the sort of fellow you'd expect to be associated with such a car. There were a number of wealthy South Americans in Canada at the time, fleeing assorted insurrections...

David B Traver Adolphus

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15 Dec 2014 09:24 #28713 by Duncan Fox
Duncan Fox replied the topic:
Sorry guys haven?t found the car yet........so I?m in the planning stage preparing to construct a recreation. However my project is a little different. I have always been a Cadillac fan, not to say I don?t like ACD products but that 16 cylinder engine of theirs has always fascinated me.
While researching body styles in my friend Maurice Hendry?s extensive collection of material I asked about Phil Wrights L29 speedster design and we came up with an artist?s impression on page 23 in Dan Posts 1952 book The Classic Cord.
I scaled the wheelbase and it appears to be 156in, that?s a full 19 inches longer than the Le Grande speedster?s 137 inch as built.
My project will be constructed on the donor 1930 V16 Cadillac?s 148 inch w/base chassis. that extra 11 inches will give a similar look to the photo. I will have to relocate my steering gear and pedals rearward to achieve
"the long hood look".

Can any of you familiar with this book or photo enlighten me as to how this particular artist?s impression came about? I have never seen this one before and I have lusted over and read everything I could on this gorgeous automobile for years. Also what Cord chassis could this have been destined for?
It could only have been a Duesy with that wheel base surely?

When I figure out how to do it I will post the picture.

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