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812 pulling boat!!

12 Feb 2010 04:17 #15872 by Joel
Replied by Joel on topic 812 pulling boat!!

Jonathan Richards wrote: Good Evening, Gentlemen:
The reason for this comment is to steer Joel to the photo images in
the Jim Brochman Collection / Cord 810/812 Gallery that he is unable
to locate. The important thing to remember when commenting in these
Brochman Collection galleries is to cite the location of the print or prints
you are discussing by Page , Row, Photo position and number. In this
case the two photos are located at Page 7, Row 10, Photo positions are
the first two on left and are Image Numbers JBA (755) jpg and JBA (756)

Thanks! That helped me find them.

That is indeed an interesting scene.


Joel Nystrom
1929 Duesenberg Model J Murphy Convertible Coupe
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  • mikespeed35
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12 Feb 2010 04:34 #15873 by mikespeed35
Replied by mikespeed35 on topic 812 pulling boat!!
Hi George, Isn't the Cord you own of C.L. Herring also known as the "Pink Slip Car"
CORDially Mike

Mike Huffman

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12 Feb 2010 12:55 #15875 by E L
Replied by E L on topic 812 pulling boat!!
Hello Mike, Yes it WAS the pink slip car but I lost it in a bet.Mike, do you know whatever happened to it? I am sure whoever has it wears it only on long trips

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12 Feb 2010 13:11 #15876 by K Clark
Replied by K Clark on topic 812 pulling boat!!
That is a good picture. When I heard that an 812 was hooked up to a boat, all I could think about was all that weight on the back of the car, and the front wheel drive. But looking at the picture answered that . But look at the trailer. That is a big boat. What is the car chassis that was extended by a few feet to accommodate the boat? What is the boat and what was it powered by?
I'm sure the Cord 812 had plenty of power to pull it, but I question the braking power to stop it.
My 2 Cents

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